Saturday, January 4, 2014

God Arguments May Encourage Atehist Not to Believe

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God arguments make atheists more resolved not to believe. This is how it works. They have an argent in which they get their asses kicked. they get them kicked bad. they have nothing to say to this argument that even half way slows it down. The next they are doing a victory dance and acting like they saying "we beat that" then form then it's "your arguemnt are no good,t hey have all beaten."

It's so obvious when atheists are losing and they know it. Certain things happen and I've gone through this so many times I can predict when it will come. here's what happens:

(1) they start getting real beligerant

(2) they begin attacking my spelling

(3) they start attacking things I've done in the past.

at that point I know they know they got their you know what's kicked they are seeking some recompense.

Why? Because they don't care what's true. they don't look at the logic of an argument as being meaningful. They only look at it as a survival test. they say something this: "I got through this one if I can turn this down no argument will ever convince me."

God arguments just become a way of inoculating them against belief.Arguments are really for the believer. The help sort out the nature of God and they help clearify certain theological issues, they ground us in a logical justification for belief so it's not all subjective.

They will probably never covert atheists atheist just don't at the argumentation process, or indeed logical thought itself, as a means of understanding truth. Atheist are paradigmatic.

It's the paradigm that has to be gone after becuase that's what they relate to.


JBsptfn said...

It seems to me that there is a default belief established among those people that belief in God and Jesus is nonsense, and the people who believe are stupid and ignorant.

I think that is the reason why these people act like babies when they get beat in a God argument.

Metacrock said...

Sure it is. Bu there's a deeper hidden premise: that it will make them stupider if they lose the argument. The reason they place such premium on intelligence related to belief is their own sense of self hatred and low self esteem that are connected their feelings about God.

They feel "why would God make me to be the way I am, which I hate? He must be bad becuase he wants me to be this way." The sense of intellectual pride is both revenge and compensation. Like "I am empirical disproof of God becuase I'm smarter than they are."