Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lat Stupid Atheist Tricks of 2013: glimpses of atheist ideology at work

 Just a few anecdotes I was saving at the end of the year.

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This is exactly what a God of the Gaps argument is. Just because you claim there's no logical candidate for universe creation DOES NOT justify the conclusion that God created it.

no it's the opposite. try to think now. why do they call it 'gap?' the argument is based upon a gap in knowledge. but I don't have a gap in knowledge. I know for a fact there can be no change where there is no time. that's not a gap it's a fact.

all three examples are like that. Read the words next time!

ironically he says next:


"I stopped reading after this point." !!!

that's why you always get it wrong. you stop reading before the answer.

I think you do that because you are scared to death to see the answer.

ps. note the implication above: God fits into places logic can't. Sure doesn't say much for the supposed logical arguments for God's existence... 

where did I say God fits where logic can't? I never said that. I said process of elimination God is the only logical answer.


I stopped reading at this point.

another one: addition that he hates supernatural

Mark UK

I thought my contempt for the word "spiritual" couldn't get any more intense, but it does - every single time I read or hear it.

It's an utterly meaningless, soggy cabbage of a word, a placeholder for "I don't know".

Notice he can't read the word without feeling hate. what does say about brain washing?

third one is from Backup on CARM. They are attacking Danny for usnig a Quote suppossedly by James Madison but several historians have been unale to find it in Madison's papers.

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It is uncited on the Evangelical disinformation site
Notice, he tells us does disinformation. So that means if it was cited it would be one of thier lies. So does that support it that it's not cited? Clearly that's an indicument too. So damned if you damned if you don't.

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