Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have really been remiss in following developments in the atheist disintegration (civil war). The atheist community now is fragmented and having a falling out with itself runs along the lines politically correct types verses Old style New Atheist. So white males that just want to spew venom agaisnt religion vs those who hate Christianity but also want to be politically correct. Christian poster Damien on carm put up a link to a video that give us insight into this split. there's a movement called Atheism + that is the politically correct guys.

Posted by a Christian on carm (Damien)

Atheism is about family. A place where atheists who have become hateful and hostile to the rest of the world can feel welcome among their own. But how do atheists treat members of their own family? Let's look at an interesting example in the "Atheism Plus" community.

For those who don't know, Atheism Plus is an offshoot of atheism. They are the "good guys" who consider Atheism (atheism minus?) to be vile misogynists, sexists, racists, etc. (A great place to raise your family!)

So we have a sort of Atheistic caste system. Atheists Plus at the top. Atheists in the middle. And the rest of humanity- agnostics, deists and theists at the bottom. But let's look at the story of Anna Johnstone. How Atheism Plus treated her:

One atheis anssers: Blind Slamander
 It doesn't matter how you characterize atheists based on cherry picking incidents. There are people who don't believe in god or gods, and they are called atheists. We do not have any choice in the matter because the evidence for god or gods is too laughable to believe.
 How many times have I seen atheist posts deploring diversity in Christianity because we have so many denominations. When it's their faction fight it's fine.

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