Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ignornace will Always previal

The Atheists on the internet are the height of Ignorance and stupidity. From the uniformed twaddle that they regularly bark about my 200 studies on religious experience, to the nature of theology in general, which they condemn as "stupid" every and which they refuse to ever study, they spew their ignorance over the net wasting our band width hardly knowing what of they speak. O don't get me wrong, there are many bright atheists. The ones who say the snide little crap about theology being stupid and emperor clothes the courtier's replay and yet refuse to learn a single page of the theology they dispose are just fools.

The irony is that they are on the  side of the things they despise. They hate fundamentalism but will condemn theological liberals and say that fundamentalism is the only true form of religion and the liberals are ruining it. How could they ruin something these same people already condemn as the worst blight ever visited on humanity? They are still totally dedicated to the fundamentalism they despise.

They are on the side of the lynch mob, the bully, the intolerant, all the while claiming to be free thinkers, striking a blow for human liberty and the right to thin for oneself. When confronted with attempt to think for oneself they regularity mock and ridicule such attempts unless they conform to their preconceived set of propaganda slogans.

They lynch mob can always win. the bullies always outnumber the thinkers. The thinker is always the rarity. even though the atheist are fringe of a fringe (3% world world population--maybe as high as 6% now) they think of themselves as the majority and seek to push around and harass the 90% who believe in God. They have all manner of silly tricks to convenience themselves they are in the majority after all. I've seen atheists try to claim Hindus are atheists. I've seen atheists try to claim that Christianity is 2 billion separate religions becuase every Chrsitain has a slightly different understanding so they all have their own gods. All these stupid little games to keep from having to admit they are in a true minority. Yet if they were thinkers they would know they are in a minority. I've always known that I'm in a small minority, a small fringe group that will never be anything but overlooked; because i enjoy using my mind and thinking.

Their attitudes of intellectual superiority, totally unjustified because they refuse to seek knowledge or learn anything that disagrees with their ideology,has to be related to their self esteem. Their reaction to Francis' studies on that matter are so irrational they clearly can't face the concept. Their desire to see themselves as smarter than Chrsitains is clearly related to their sense of inferiority.

Anyone not an atheist should just prepare to always have to deal with those  attitudes.

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