Saturday, April 20, 2013

Take that Spelling Facist!

I should not have to ever explain dyslexia. I put a note on the mast head about it that should be enough. There are still some idiots who can't figure out that spell check doesn't help that much if you can't see properly. I still had another little spelling fascist who had to make a comment. I suspect becuase that person was really upset at my denunciation of the Borg but could not figure out an intelligent comment in reply.

Now, first of all. I have firefox so I always have spell check on. so these dunderheads say "can't you use spell check" are extremely irksome. Secondly, I did look at that several times before and after. I saw no read lines. I put it in email and I saw a few read lines, but guess what?

The words underlined are not words that are really spelled wrong. they are words that spell check might not know.

First was Borg. I spelled lower case and that was why it was underlined. I wasn't sure if the Borg should be given a capital since they kind of not human and ficitional.

It also underlined Firefox. that should have been capital. Then sometimes I look at a world I think it's capitalized because that's just the one of the Dyslexic tricks. Letter don't just transpose. Sometimes I see totally different words. It's really Freudian seeing.

Experiences was underlined. I guess I spelled that wrong. But there were no red lines in the firefox it was the email that caught it.

Also robotoid. That is probably becuase the checker doesn't know the words. The alternatives it offers are Torrid but not robot.

someone tell me why it's so very important? I undersatnd about wanting to look right, but why should our society make us think that spelling is indicative of intelligence when the dyslexia training people tell me it's not? When I went to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital language lab to learn how to cope with dyslexia as a kid, they told me spelling is to a sign of being intelligent or stupid. Why has society been brain washed to think that it is?

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