Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stupid atheist quote of the week: Humans are the interlopers

We live at such an extremely sad time in human history. We live at a time when humanity had died out (1980) and the remains of it are being distorted and belittled and spat upon.They wont even let it die peacefully. Killed off by scinece and money and big busyness the need to incorporate everything to the business model. The atheists are reductionist and they are anti-human. They deny the most fundamental truths of human experience. They despise experience itself.

William Rea:

I ascribe this "experiential" crap to the rise of self centered "New Age Religion." Self centered evangelical Christianity is a reaction to this phenomena in the West in the 90s. Take a walk through Glastonbury.

experience, religious experience has been around since the beginning of religion. that's why there's religion is because there was religious experience.

Sorry we were here first. We humans have been here for a million years. Your borg have only been here since 1980. Experience is endemic to being human. Denying experience is the new thing is' the stupid thing.

  Experienceis about life and it gives us a view of the top down. you want to be a robot and serve some master who controls you without thinking, and tell yourself you are free because your master tells you not to feel or believe in anything; that's your problem. Do not try to claim that your robotoid ideas the the norm and that we humans are the interlopers. we are the one's who live here and have been all along.

the kind of religion you are talking about goes back 56,000 years. Experimental religion is part of being human. it's one of the basic human traits that lifts us above the animals.

we are not goign to give it up because you want to be a robot.


Laura said...

Why do you seem to purposely misspell words. I suspect you're a Poe. It is easy to run spell check automatically. Those red squiggle lines under a work mean it is misspelled. Just right click on them and choose the correct spelling from the pop up menu.
This is your blog. Why are you being so sloppy?

Metacrock said...

there were no red lines asshole. I looked at it before and after several times. I use firefox do you what that is? so the spell check is always there. if you can't see what does it matter if you look at it stupid?

are you too stupid to understand this? I should not have to explain this as much as I do. if you can't see properly you can't spell check moron.