Friday, April 12, 2013

ex christian net

One of the stupidest atheist sights I've ever seen is Ex This one ranks up there as the atheist answer "Christian soldier's mighty fortress." It's a profussion of whining and stupidity. The sight is more than just forums. They have linked in blogs, a main blog, forums and other things. They offer articles written by voluntary contributors. They demonstrate the same ignorance as all of the hate God club we find at work in the atheist movement.

An article linked off the main blog, "Sin: Religion's Straw Man" by Lilly Black, uses the term straw man in the sense of a focal point that more like one would use the term "propaganda." Straw man is an argument one constructed to attack that is supposed to be the opponent's argument but is actually not really Representative of the opponent and is made weak so it can be attacked successfully. Thus these guys don't know the proper use of the term. That always bodes ill especially when people crow about how much smarter they are than the opposition. This explanation demonstrates the misuse of the term:

It's a straw man: It creates a problem that doesn't exist so that we need a deity with a solution that is not needed. Sounds a lot like politics, actually. We are saved from a problem that does not exist, and thus we think we are free- even if we have actually been bogged down with more restrictions.
 Of course that's also not a very bright concept because she might want to explain what takes the place of the concept of sin in her moral philosophy, or are we just supposed to do without the concept of being morally wrong now? They have article by zealot nut cases Richard Carrier and Victor Stenger. The article for Stenger (who is one of the most idiotic people I've read) is an ad for his book "god the failed hypothesis."

Debunking Christianity by Harry McCall some of the most idiotic ranting I've ever seen.

This religious superstition belief system is the default setting for the mind that refuses to be objectively educated about reality. In short, it’s a reward for mental laziness.
Of course he has no data no foot notes no sources to relate to. It's mental laziness but where is his critique of Leibniz or Spinoza? where is his critique of William Alston or Palntinga? he's not exactly dealing with the thinkers of the Christian tradition. I actually don't see any traces of former belief. Would a former Christian be this ignroant? If I quote belief in God I wouldn't stand around criticizing surface level stuff like praying with your eyes closed (keep reading) why is he doing this? I suspect it's not only ignarntce per se but he wasn't really ever a Christian. maybe he went to chruch a few times and never really paid attention.

B. The reason one needs to bow the head and close the eyes when praying is to help their mind fantasize over myths.
there it is. that's whi whole analyssi. nothing else to it. that's why peole close their eyes when they pray. profound.

C. The main reason churches don’t have windows or have them covered with stained glass is due to the fact that there is a hell of a lot more interesting reality going on outside (even if it’s just simply watching a bird in a tree) then hoping non-reality into an imaginary existence inside the artificial environment in the church’s sanctuary !

I've never been i a chruch that didn't have windows. Yes chruch architecture does try to evoke another wordy feeling. That's very appropriate considering their submitter. what do you want them to have on there? pictures of food so one can drool over the meal to come, or football so we can be distracted by the game latter? Marcuse he's not. Marx rollover!

D. The only difference between a child’s fairytale story and the Bible is that this story book not only has acquired a nation myth status supported with tax exemption, but is one of the major employers of people who profit from sermonizing others with superstitions.
NO dub ass I think if you read some Karaney you would find some more differences. At leat there are different kinds of biblical texts. They are not all mythological, this guy is not even aware of this fact. Notice he doesn't even to draw upon anthropological understanding of myth and fair tales or any kind of social scineces.

E. Religious Freedom is the only government sanctioned myth that can discriminate on the freedom of others and make money while doing it!
 NO I think capitalism in there too somewhere.

It seems this is just catering to the lowest common denominator. It's not putting forth any of well read aspect but just carping on all the superficial trappings. I also find a sort of cultural antimony such that
they are more involved in cultural clash than escaping a bad experience. I really doubt they were Christians at all.

 speaking of the lowest common denominator:



Ravenstar whines:

 religion is evil... it's so evil I can hardly find words to describe it's vileness...

these guys don't go in for subtle approach. It's all hard sell.

My deconversion, if you will, seems to have gone in a spiral... in steps. For a very long time even after I rejected Christianity I clung to my various conceptions of god, or whatever—fuck—I don't even know what to call it anymore.

I've studied and practiced various forms of theism.. from pantheistic witchcraft to Rosicrucianism, to Pentecostal, to... well, let's just say I've been to a lot of different branches of this faith thing, always thinking, nay believing, deep down that somehow there must be a loving force and if so, I can find it... call it god for lack of a better descriptor.

That's because it's so evil she can't get a clear thought about it. Although I have my own theirs why why she can't get a clear understanding. BTW Pantheism and Witchcraft are not forms of theism. So with the thought that there must be a loving force somewhere why did she decide there isn't one? Because she was too hating the one she fled to find another one? Of cousre the guys on are there t help her nurse her hate. They keep that hate alive.

We see the clear grasp of understanding evoltuion:

And christians are upset to think we are related to chimpanzee's, because they believe it devalues them? Their own book devalues them—the entire concept makes us less worthy than any animal.. animals are innocent! But we are the scum of the earth, and by making us believe that we become so incredibly gullible that we will do ANYTHING to relieve that sense of vulnerability and worthlessness, whether that's believing lies, or killing others... anything. It's an untenable psychic state. Throw in a good dose of fear (but make us believe we deserve it) and that's it folks... wrap it up.. you just created a battered woman out the majority of the human race.

Nothing but the intellectuals on So articulate too.We are related to chimpanzees. As long as she understands evolution. At least she has a clear idea of that (evolution doesn't say we are related to chimps it says we have common ancestry with apes). Of course there is no bible passage that says "we are the scum of the earth."

God is love? Not from where I stand. And the evidence is all around... in spades.

AND... If there is a different god, a loving god, why would it hide from me? I call bollocks. Fuck faith and the horse it rode in on. Absurdities.

Religion makes people unbelievably stupid, mentally unbalanced, vengeful, arrogant and morally bankrupt. Yet hides behind this 'light and love' clothing. It's the very definition of passive-aggressiveness, malignant narcissism, and delusional projection.

Getting out of it makes them unbelievably stupid apparently. Her outburst has five stars by it. I guess they are measuring intensive of hate expressed. She tells us "I'm a seeker," what seeking did he do? there are no specifics. We know nothing of her experiences how do we know she was a Chrsitain. This is my suspicion that most of them were never Chrsitians.

Rational Materlist Skeptic says:

I've always wondered this, myself. Why would a loving god force his creation to have to seek him, and even after they've supposedly found him, why would he force them to continually grovel and beg for him to reveal himself to them in some way that we can sense? That doesn't sound like love to me. It sounds like abuse.
Ellwood says:

Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:05 AM
I Loved this rant! There are so many good "one liners" that it would be hard to mention them all.

However I loved your point that even our creator cant accept us as we are. Great point! What a FAILED creator in that case! And the old free will argument just doesn't work anymore. Screw that crutch for god.

One more that I loved. The chimpanzee thing! Great point! I am going to use that next time I have the old "I don't come from an ape" line!

Great job Ravenstar!

So it's all just a game. It's just a big troll game just feels good to be ranting. I don't find anyone on this sight who even remotely seems like they knew beans about Christianity. The Chimpanzee thing was a great point? So what if she doesn't understand evolution, who needs to understand stuff, as  long as we are big fearless intellectuals, who dont' understand things. We sure are smarter than those stupid old Christians.

Sybairs says

I personally do not understand why religion has a get-out-of-ridicule-free card. Religion requires ignorance to perpetuate so it doesn't bode well for a society to turn a blind eye to willful ignorance.

Interesting. She seems to assume that ridicule is some kind of obligation that all must go through (sing of low self esteem) and then of course the myth that religious people are ignorant (as well related to chimps). The guys on this forum are even stupider than the one's on carm. These guys make the carm guys seem almost intelligent.

these guys, the whole site shows absolutely no trace of any kid of intellectual content and no signs of having been Christians. This is the biggest sham. it's clear new atheism is about stupidity, catering to the unwashed uneducated masses. IN my day atheism was about being an intellecutal, now it's about resentment of the intellectuals in the chruch and anti-intellectual venting of anger toward the better educated.


JBsptfn said...

Thanks, Meta, for the comedy gold. That made my day. If you look up Epic Fail in the dictionary, those people belong in there.

BTW, from what I remember from last summer, is that site that the immortal Bill Walker was trying to talk up. That figures. They should change it to

Ross said...

Being passionate and opinionated is no substitute for being properly informed on issues. I wish these people understood that.

Metacrock said...

amen. A Bill Walker, the good old days.

Sue Botchie said...

yet, despite the howling tantrums over at ex-christian, their posts are nicer than several other Christ-bashing sites. Still, life without Christ-as-Lord...what's the point? Many are 20 or 30-somethings, and hopefully, at least some will grow out of their rebellious phrase and come to saving knowledge.

Metacrock said...

I can relate to those who have been hurt by bad churches. I sort sympathize. Yet I've been hurt by bad churches but I'm still following Jesus becuase I know the difference in Jesus and churches.