Sunday, December 16, 2012

CARM atheists resort to charges of violance against me to shut me up

It finally hapepned. They are reaching for the big guns to get me off of CARM. They are accusing me of making violent threats against a woman.

I askthis guy what NWRT meant. he said "No worth responding to" I joking said "well all you to do was say it you don't have to tell me I'm not worth responding to." God only knows who deep psychological wound that triggered then says:

 leyman said:


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well gee if you don't want to tall me just say so. You don't have to say it's not worth it to respond to me! (it's a joke) ( I am kidding! ;-)

Were you joking and kidding when you were apparently seriously threatening to physically assault an 18 year-old girl in here, Meta?

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Is there a link to this, by any chance?
The CARM moderators wisely deleted all of the offensive threatening posts shortly after I notified them of them and right before they gave Metacrock a suspension as a result.
We may have a new Davis Mabus in the making here.

 he said that. that's a big lie I never did any such thing. this guys is nothing but a lying sack of shit. nothing like that ever happened.

 here's that guy, this is the guy they are comparing me to. so they have arbitrarily decide that I'm a puissant violent scum back troll who can't think why? they cant' beat my argumetns. every single discussion I have with them I come awa beating stuipud little empty heads in rhtorically.

here's the guy they are comparing me to:

I see you’ve all met our little troll, David Mabus. “Mabus” (his real name is Dennis Markuze, and he used to sell used computers in Montreal, Canada) has been flooding my mailbox for about the last month — he has a list of about 70 skeptics and atheists, and just about every day he fires off his little angry rant about how James Randi owes him a million dollars right now, based on prophecies from Nostradamus or some such nonsense. You can get a feel for his insanity from this series of posts he made to the Center for Inquiry forum. It’s hard to avoid coming to the conclusion that he really is mentally ill; if any of you know this fellow personally, you might want to get him some help, fast.
I do have his phone number and address. He has been escalating his attacks lately, and if they get any worse, I’ll be contacting the authorities myself. This is one of those cases where I’ve been targeted by someone with a severe mental disorder, and I think he can be a real risk — but of course I’m only one among many targets, and I think the person who ought to be most concerned is James Randi.
 what's the ratinale for doing it? Because he can make up something. something that jut conviently was taken down by the mds so he can't really prove it but we have his word for it! that's so comforting.

what simliariy is there between me and this guy? none. but he says it's the same. this is telling me if I dont' watch my step they will ruin my reputation. but they are not Nazis or anything. O don't think that of cousre they  only use black mail, character assignation. lying, and any other unfair tatick.

now the chickens are coming how to rust now we see what atheism is made of.

what that Mabus guy is doing sounds stupid, but then they want to harass him on the phone. that's even stupider and it's illegal. They are storm troopers, they are Nazis they are brown shirts.

first he asked if I was joking. then after I deny it several times he get's a real tough guy thing going:

Ohh, and BTW, Meta, if you ever threaten Tyrael with physical violence again expect legal action to take place against you. I have both the financial and legal means and tools available to make life most uncomfortable for you if you persist with these threats.

Tyrael is family to me and I do not take threats of physical violence to my family lightly, Sir.

You need to not only cease and desist with your threats of physical violence against Tyrael but need to apologize for the ones you have already threatened her with.

If you do not you are the lowest and most despicable piece of human excrement that ever walked the Earth, Sir. Does it make you feel good as a grown and supposedly adult man to threaten and intimidate an 18 year old girl? Bravo, Sir. Well done. You sicken me.

Remember why you got banned and the mods deleted all the threats in your sub-threads, Sir?

Be a man and just apologize, Meta.

Hang on to the miniscule shred of whatever dignity you have left.
Real big he man. Here are the facts:

(1) I don't remember much about it. I do remember being shocked some time ago that they took something innocent that Is said as a thread. I know It was not a threat and I denied that it was one.

(2) they claim I said "I'm going to knock your block off." I think from the nature of terms it's obvious that it's nota  big threat. That's not how you threaten someone? Are we living in a peanuts cartoon? Am I Charlie Brown and this is Lucy I'm threatening. "knock your block off?"

(3) I'm pretty sure it was either a joke or a metaphor for wining a debate. "I'm going to knock your block off in debate." that's what Lucy says to Linus.

(4) I do know for certain i was not threatening anyone because I never have done that and I never would.

They are trying to destroy the positive way people think of me so they can shut me up because they can't beat my arguments. The stuff he says to me above is a lot more vicious than "I'm going to knock your block off."


Metacrock said...

they have really shown their true colors on that one.

Morrison said...

All you spelling mistakes destroy your credibility.

You could use spell check, but you continue to use disability as an cousin has a disability but does not whine about it.

Metacrock said...

no they don't. complaining it destroys your credibility. that's what atheist say when they can't answer my arguments. The last guy to say that had more spelling mistake than I did.

I use spell check every time i type because I use fire fox.