Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupid Atheist Tricks no. 5,207

This CARM genius calling himself MFFJM2

Just about one of the stupiest people I've ever seen:

set up. thread title: Theists and Intelligent life on Other Planets

Pay off:

Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
If they find intelligent life on another planet it would be a great shock. We have never found any on this planet.
The genius observes:


Should the deeply held beliefs of creationists be shattered by events such as you describe, which would be too obvious to contradict or ignore, they would either convert to some other lesser known cult, or they'd kill themselves en masse. This is why you get remarks like that of Metacrock or Kent Hovind, because in the event that your hypothesis should prove true, everything they believe in would come crashing down around them. The cognitive dissonance would be too much.

I respond

you think I'm a creationist when I talk about Paul Tillich and God is being itself and process theology. That's about as intelligent as saying that Obama is in the tea party or that the Tea party is for socialism.

In fact that is literally the case. Tillich was a socialist and most creationists are right wing and probalby close to tea party. So what you are saying is as knowledgeable as calling Obama a tea party guy.

You're no liberal. You used the exact same words as Kent Hovinnd, whether you knew it or not. The remark you made was meant to dismiss the OP. It didn't work.
I didn't write that you were a creationist, possibly a problem with your reading ability. I wrote directly to the remarks that you echoed from Kent Hovind. The fact that you have mentioned Paul Tillich doesn't change the fact that you have responded on numerous occasions with fundamentalist remarks. If you don't want to be painted as a fundamentalist, perhaps you shouldn't stand so close to those who are.

that is so stupid! only someone with a really limited cultural knowledge would say that. that is an obvious joke that is based upon a Lilly Tomlin line. It's not an ideological position and it can't be thought of as any kind of proof that one is a liberal or a conservative. So Hovind and I both have heard of Tomlin, big deal.

that is the kind of cultural illiteracy that marks kids born in and after the Regan era.

First of all it's stupid to say that "I didn't say you were a creationist" you are only accusing me of being like a rampant creationist who is notorious for his creationism so obviously that the implication. Secondly you don't know what liberalism is and you wouldn't know a liberal from a conservative if the difference bit you in the ***
Accusing someone of saying something "like what they would say" is guilt by association.

Fortunate there some smart atheists around.
Bust Nack says:
I think you are reading too much into a joke from Meta.
What can one say?


Toyin O. said...

This is quite funny, thanks for sharing.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

this same guy just accused of lying about being in my 50's to get respect "you can't get otherwise." I really care about his respect. No one over 18 lies to be made older. No one respects people in their 50s.