Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loftus Is Losing his Grip: Debuncking Christianity Is On the Slippery Slpe to Hasbeenville

Ra Ra out team--gooooo atheism!

DC blog sports a graph showing 140,000 hits and pages visits for the year. If we look at what they have to say it's inanity boggles the mind. Take for example the rant below:

The Christian Faith Makes a Person Stupid

How many people have claimed to have finally debunked God? Way too many, This has been going on for centuries and someone is always popping up claiming to “Finally debunk God,

If God wasn’t real then why did it take over 2000 years to “Finally Debunk” Christianity? I call this “The Finally Debunk Crew”

The reason dimwit, is because Christianity is like a chameleon, ever changing in response to its culture, our criticisms, and science. The Christianities of yesteryear have been debunked. That's why you hold to the one you do today. And your type of Christianity will be replaced slowly into the future as well.
That's it. That's the whole article. The rest of it is 65 comments, of the inane kind. So they are just retrenching into hate minute, it's a pep rally Ala 1984. no Studies, No references to any sort of social science research. Of course had they done that it would be easily refuted as the evidence indicates there is no basis in empircal data for the thesis that religious people are less intelligent than atheists. You certiantly couldn't tell by the mouting of great thinkers who have believed in God, vs the tiny mole hill of great atheist thinkers.

Let's look a couple of their comments:

Theistic evolution and ID instead of creation, because evolution debunked creation. Genesis is not to be understood literally but allegorical. God of the gaps has lesser gaps to hide in, thousands of christian denominations, each with more or less different theology. Pope is "sorry" about the witch hunt (even this theology is not rejected, but transformed), pope is probably not going to start another crusades as it was the case in the past.
These are just a few of the shifts the church has made throughout the history. I don't know why you can't see the obvious... Blindness? Blindness caused by religion?

Hu? Yea, I see. what exactly are we supposed to see? People change over time, O there must not be a God. What about atheists changing over time? It's amazing what passes for actual argument, he's assuming that somehow Christianity claims nothing changes, everything stays the same. Why?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years longer than Christianity. People still believe in it. Therefore...

Therefore what?

I'm not sure that faith makes people stupid, I would say they are lazy in their thinking. They would rather have an answer given to them then try to find out for themselves( see Bill Onesty and his comment). It sure makes them look stupid.

most want the easy, short answer when there isn't one.

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will settle for bad ones.
Translation: if they don't accept my ideology or my world view then they are just intellectually lazy if they are not stupid. Yet look at the way they size up other differences in world view. Loftus does another little snippet (most of their articles are snippets now) on modern Icelanders who believe in elves.

The Elves of Iceland: "Hidden People" and "Nature Spirits"

What's interesting about the belief in Elves is that it comes from a country in Western society, not a third world country nor a primitive pre-industrial one. Many Icelanders really believe in "hidden people" such that it would be "political suicide" if a politician denied their existence. And what's more I doubt very much I could ever persuade these believers they are deluded. They would scoff at me and claim I'm an "enemy of the common good." They know they're right because of the stories told to them or because they had some kind of strange experience which they claim could only have come because they exist. Their children are brainwashed to believe in them in their homes. But I have no doubt at all that these Icelander believers are just like other people around the world, intelligent people. They just see the world through a different set of glasses using the lens they were brought up to believe.

Why aren't these guys stupid? Here he knows they are wrong, but he's willing to be compassionate and give them their basic proper respect in understanding that they have a different world view. In Christianity that different world view makes you stupid. Of course the proof of it all is that it's disproved y modeerity because it's changed over time. That's the recurrent theme in what makes them right. The atheist ideology of scinetism, scientism functions as god in their worldview. In the old days they used to try to make DC an intellectual fortress, giving it the old college try and saying intelligent things. Now they just assume they are right for superficial reasons and hold a hate-minute pep rally.

It never dawns upon them that their world view is just another world view. They have the fortress of fact guaranteed by science. Some day, maybe a thousand years form now, people will laugh at such scientific naivete and say "you don't want be like those petty twenty first century atheists who thought they were right about all things and knew all things because they could selectively pick out a few facts that supported their view?"

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