Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mocking ridicling hate site is still around

The Hidden Atheist

No analysis. just one little aphoristic hate statement after another. One that shows someone saying something he doesn't like on a video and a slogan "more stupid Christians." A priest and it says "Father knows best how to doge questions." really heavy duty intellectual stuff. Science V Religion it's really simple, and they show pictures of faith healers and crippled people. no analysis.

We know this sort of thing is the atheist template at work. The guy tells us up front why he's filled with hatred and why he needs to feel supiror:

This blog is about being a Atheist who sometimes has to be hidden. I was raised as a lutheran, attended private schools most of my life. One day I came to my senses and realized everything I had been taught was a lie. I came to realize the stress believing in some imaginary god was hurting me. Myths are myths if the greek gods, the egyptian gods etc etc are all myths, then why must the christian god be real? Its not it too is a myth.
We know from what we have uncovered on Atheist watch that people become atheists due to poor self esteem and negative God images. This guy felt inadvertent in his religious schools and was probably punished or rejected by people who he felt were Christians. The can't face the emiotional aspect of their rejection of God so they need to stoke their self image by comparing themselves tot hose they hate.


Ross said...

You hit the nail on the head there. How many militant atheists claim that their rejection of belief in the existence of God is purely intellectual, and refuse to concede that there's more to it than that?

Metacrock said...

Right on. More research is needed but I think its' a fruitful direction.