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Rationalist Blog Strikes Again


I had responded this guy's original allegation about religion being a dug. So he turns it around and claims that I began the analysis with atheism as a drug. He has a huge banner "God hates you Hate him back" (o that's not hate group is it?). The actually name of the blog is Rationalist Blog. Real Rational. I've deal with his drug garbage before. The latest version of his putrid bile is statement of pure hate for Jesus.

The xenophobic Marxist and all round shit stirrer from Nazareth (over looking the fact there existed no town by that name during Jesus’ time) has done it again. He’s played an influential hand in securing the GOP another election win, just like he did so successfully in 2004 when evangelical Bush defeated the windsurfer from Massachusetts, John Kerry.

Sure, conventional wisdom says the election was about the economy, stupid. But when has conventional wisdom ever been right? Duh!

As I watched the ballots counted on CNN and FOX, my initial reaction was, ‘Holy Christ on a Southern Baptist cracker, America is ‘that’ politically retarded. They’ve casted a protest vote for the political party who put them in this mess in the first place’. Out of frustration, I blew out the candles and packed away my shrine to Obama. Holding aloft my copy of ‘Dreams From My Father’, with my head tilted skywards, I yelled, “WHY?

First of all, he's calling Jesus a Marxist and then saying he's Republican, does this guy even have a concept of what he's talking about? I am not convinced he is an atheist. This may be an example of a phenomenon I've already talked about, satonists egging atheists on.

Atheism is a Drug??

In response to an article titled: When Atheism Becomes a Drug, the writer not only has some not very nice things to say about me as author of ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’, but also includes a wide sweeping generalization that all atheists are “hateful”.

As a result of my hyper sensitive feelings being hurt, I feel a need to throw a small tantrum that is shrill, hateful, spiteful with the objective of proving him wrong. ;)

The problem is his statement about a sweeping generalization that all atheists are hateful is a total lie. I have always gone to great pains to point out that there’s a continuum and the hate group is just one segment (that would be the segment he is in, however). Atheists seem to have problems understanding this concept.

Here's the rest of his arguments and my answers:

1. “Religion is the opiate of the masses” -Karl Marx


Marx didn't say that religion is the opiate based upon having any sort of literal analogy between drug addiction and religion. He just meant that religion gives people a comfort they need and it can be used by false leaders to keep people under control. Yes this is completely shallow analysis becasue religion is not merely "comforting" but life transforming.

2. All children are born atheists, thus religion is indoctrinated/socialized into you. Just as no children are born drug addicts. (not withstanding ‘crack babies’)

Meta: that’s silly, we have innate ideas of God. that’s what the God part of the brain proves. We have the idea of God hard wired into our brains, therefore, we are not born atheists we are born believers. It doesn’t make any difference if you need socialization to teach it that doesn’t prove it’s a drug, you need socialization to become a drug addicts. that’s why addcis are a “sub culture” that’s what sub cultures are, counter socialization.

3. Drugs help you escape from reality. Drugs dupe users into escaping the harsh realities of dealing with everyday life. Similarly religion will make its users believe they can transcend reality i.e. without wings, or as recommended by Jesus – handle snakes, and/or drink poison. I know smack addicts that have the same delusions.

>>>Of course its’ just your little mad up opinion based upon ignorance that God isn’t real. Real thinkers and smart know he is. Therefore, youa re argumetn is jsut another stupid assertion.

you can’t account for the innate ideas of God that proved by the “God part of the Brain.” That is a good reason to believe there is a God. your argument is begging the question.

that has nothing to do with proving addiction anyway.

4. Drug addicts often show signs of schizophrenic and delusional behavior, including talking to themselves. How is this different to prayer?

>>>(1) you have no study to back that up. I’ve never heard that and it’s not proved and you offer no evidence to confirm it.

(2) you are begging the question because it’s just your opinion that belief in God is tha way

(3) at leas 12 studies prove there is no relation between religious experience and mental illness.

(4) you can’t link drug addiction to mental illness anyway.

(5) if you could it would just be an argument from sign. you don’t have a causal mechanism.

5. Drug addicts are often incoherent when high. Take a visit to any evangelical church and watch that congregation speak in tongues and thus complete babble.

>>>that is nothing ignorant mockery. speaking in touges is not the same as incoherence. Anyone speaking in tongues can stop doing it and talk rational instantly. Its not something that comes over you that you can’t control. I can speak in tongues and work hard math problems at the same time. It’s something one chooses to do, it’s not an epileptic fit.

6. Like a drug, the intoxicating effects of religion cannot last forever. Questions of faith begin to creep in. Questions regarding the suspension of natural laws begin to seep in..Thus the faithful have to increase the religious dose to stay high, to ward off contradictions, absurdities, and inconsistincies.

>>>that is not a proof that it’s addictive. you can spin it that way or you could say doubt in any proposition occurs to anyone at any time and they need to re think or hear the answer. you can define haring answers as getting a fix. you are merely twisting the fact to suit a superficial case that you can’t back up with any kind of data or any kind of support. You have no studies, you haven no scientific proof of any kind that supports your raving.

you are doing nothing but mocking and ridiculing things that are over your head.

7. Religion, like a drug, has a tendency to steal your life. A voluntary trade: accept the lies and illusions in return for mind numbing escape. Addictive traits.

>>>that is clearly and obviously just your emtonal hateful opinion. 300 empirical studies say you are wrong! The stuidies done by psychologists not by preachers, not by christian, non christian shrinks, show you are wrong! Religious belief is good for you, it makes your life better, it makes your mind better. Religious believers who have experiences of God’s presence are much less likely to experience depression than are unbelievers. Religious experience people are much less likely to be mentally ill than are unbelievers, that is an established fact by 300 empirical studies..

8. Religious fundamentalists, particularly those that convert as adults i.e new born Christians, in more instances than not – lose their old friends. Meth addicts lose their friends because of the constant requests to borrow money, and skittish behavior. Evangelicals tend to lose their old buddies because we tire of the constant evangelizing. And ultimately drug addicts prefer the company of their own, as do fundamentalists with their own flock.

>>>very stupid and shallow argument from sign. you might as well said 98% of all heroin addicts drink milk as babies, therefore, milk causes heroine addiction.

you actually don’t have any data to back up your assertion about converts losing friends. some do some don’t, you are really quite shallow.

9. Religious need their ‘hits’. Sunday Church.

>>>atheist need hits by mocking Christians on message boards. I think it's obvious in the very same manner, I've demonstrated because of low self esteem atheists do actually need to mock and ridicule. The hate segments needs it's hate. Hate is like a drug.

His arguments are all just bad analogies. Argument from analogy is a fallacy.

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