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The Illiterate Connection: When Atheism Becomes a Drug


In the early 70s a major motion picture which put Gene Hackman on the map as a major star was The French Connection.(1971) This was a film about a famous true story of a drug bust that involved the rarely heard from French Mafia (based in Marses). "Connection" was (may still be for all I know) drug slang (60s) for the source of supply. In his insulting attempt to get me to post on the board Bill Walked referred to a book (although not to the proper author) "When God becomes a drug." (see below). My analysis of the psychology of hate group atheism has been that they primarily people with low self esteem, perhaps they have bad relationships with their fathers and they are seeking to feel superior to bolder their flagging self esteem. Mocking and ridiculing religious people makes them feel powerful, so that makes them feel better about themselves.The feeling of power is like a drug. they get a "rush" (another drug term) and they want more and more and more. So they make riducling reilgious people a way of life.

the site that Walker asked me to look at his no great shakes. As far as I can see it's nothing more than an "atheist connection" that is a vehicle for hate group atheism to meet and ridicule the target. "Ridicule the target" is from that stage four of the FBI hate grop paradigm, stage four the hate group gathers to ridicule the target (the hated group)> that's what that site is for, to give the Dawkies a place to go to get their ridicule rush. The whole site is pure hatred. The first article by Valerie Tarico, "Huckabee Seduced by Cop Killer's Christianity" winds up attributing the events in Seattle to, three guesses what? Christianity of course!

I couldn’t help wondering about how an erratic serial criminal like Maurice Clemmons ends up on the streets. And since Clemmons was released by Mike Huckabee, the Arkansas governor and presidential hopeful who has made fundamentalist religion the center of his politics, I couldn’t help wondering if religion played a part.

It turns out that, in fact, religion may have played several different roles in the tragedy, just as it did in the recent slaughter at Fort Hood. This time, though, Islam had nothing to do with it. At Fort Hood, fundamentalist Christianity created an adversarial, proselytizing, holy war atmosphere, while Islam released the trigger lock. In the Seattle killings, Christianity stands as the one theological ingredient in the lethal brew. It consumed the mind of the killer, who possibly had apocalyptic delusions. A Seattle Times headline today quoted his uncle: “He was all about money . . . suddenly, he was all about God.”

Christianity made him a cop killer just like it will make any Christian into a Hitler. That is obvious hog wash and pure unadulterated hate. I don't know why people can't see what a hateful, idiotic, and self serving (and "other hating") comment that is, but it is so predictable. they did the same thing with 9/11. anything that is bad in the world is automatically connected to Christianity. That's just a main stay of Atheist propaganda. Anyone who can't see how stupid that is, is a total fool. But I guess that's the "no true fool fallacy."

Another pretty obvious hate trip is a book review of a book called God Hates you, Hate him Back, by
CJ Werleman. The Review is by an author unnamed. It's just a typical atheist hatchet job on Scripture. Taken out of context, understood super literally, focus on the most enigmatic parts to make it seem worse. Like any atheist post on a message board. But look at the title, which is the only real hook the book has, "God hates' you, hate him back." these guys profess not to believe there is a God but then they take the belief system of something they don't believe in and project a hatred for a supposedly non-existent being in the guise of his hatred for you, so you get your hate flowing and your defensive nature working. Look at the solution. Is it about understanding believers? Is it about creating understanding between people? No it's hate. The solution is hate; "hate him back." what do you do when someone hates you? Hate him back! wow what a liberal and progressive way to think. Would they actually advocate this in other regards? They do they write books called "men hate women, hate them back?" So they teach revenge feminism? "Straights hate you, hate them back." But of course then they want you to dismiss it al with "O that's just humor."

Of course the mainstay of the site is the de-conversion story. Copied after the conversion story, which was one of the main driving forces of the great born again period of the early 70s, the de born again story is calculated to tell the tale of disillusionment and falling away. It's all the opposite "I suddenly realized I was all alone, no one was answering me." I prayed really hard for a chocolate sundae but it did not appear. The bible had lied me. so after 250 years of being a Christian I decided to become an atheist at last I see the truth. Now I'm so happy because I'm not being deceived and I post on the secular web every day where I call religious people names and make fun of everything then say. It"s a full rich life in the army of satan.

Rita De Alverez writes "The Long Journey of my De Conversion."

By the time I was in high school life at home was chaotic and deteriorating. Feeling God’s love was a comfort and refuge to me. Although I attended a Catholic high school I’d had enough exposure to other religions to easily cross denominational boundaries. I never thought of God or Truth as limited to any particular church. I listened every Friday and Sat night to Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision and would watch his Crusades on TV. I read his book, World Aflame, and found a purpose and vibrant belief system. Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts proved God’s miraculous healing power. Robert Schuller manifested His optimism and love.

Looking back, of course World Aflame would appeal to me because MY world was aflame. His urgency and alarm resonated with my own. I was confused, searching and longed for something to depend on. I know now that this longing is a normal part of the human psyche. I felt sorry for those who didn’t have this Relationship and assumed their lives were miserable. Convinced the end of times was imminent because of man’s rebellion against God, I thought about, read, prayed and shared Christ’s message throughout my teens (“Excuse me, are you a Christian?”).

The beginning of my de-conversion was not about doubting the existence of God. It began when He became irrelevant. What kind of deity allows, out of impotence or apathy, innocents to needlessly suffer? There is no excuse. Such a god is unworthy of affection or loyalty. Nor could I expect this deity to protect me and my child from the evils that he allowed to befall others more virtuous than myself. Like letting go of a cherished baby blanket, a hopeless romance or finally leaving home for good, one gets to this point only when one is ready. One has “God” as long as one needs a god. I know many never reach this conclusion. I did and it’s as simple as that.

trying to promulgate the model that religious people are just sick stupid people who can't think and need some security blanket, when all the while the answer is to ridicule religious people then you feel good about yourself and you are powerful so you don't need the comfort from religion, just hate. Of course the nature of this person's faith was shallow, and the nature of the story is stilted to make it seem more shallow. She does not write about the presence of God or speaking in tongues or seeing miracles or sensing the truth in the world or mystical experience, it's all about a shallow psychological security to help a bad home life. The reasons for falling away are equally innocuous. but the the whole thing is slanted to convey the impression religious people are weak and silly and hating them makes you strong.

Atheism is dead finds similar problems with the site:

I quickly came to find that ExChristian.Net is an anti-Christian support group wherein its members, apparently generally lacking intellectual integrity, urge each other toward belligerence and the committing of all manner of fallacy. It is saddening that something potentially constructive, such as having them make assertions about and having me respond, and on it would go, their instinct is to launch into zealous rage against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

I should state that this parsed essay was not technically about ExChristian.Net itself but about its adherents. However, something has occurred that makes me think that ExChristian.Net’s administrators are now playing a part in the discussion which I am addressing. Now, for all I know some of the commentators I will deal with in this essay are administrators, I do not know. I have been engaged in discussions in two of their posts: It's like Cancer and TOP TEN SIGNS YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN FUNDY. What I do know is that, for some odd reason, all of the comments in the TOP TEN posts have mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps it was some sort of computer related glitch that left the posts intact and only deleted all of the comments, I do not know. Fortunately, I had already copied and saved all of the comments that were made to me and present them hereinafter.

Here is an important point. Walker assured me that they have pleasant accepting atmosphere, they are just concerned about me and they love everyone and they want to help weak stupid religious people to find their way and get out of being God addicts. They are patient and kind and willing to help. The guy on atheism is dead (read the article it's really important) shows the list of responses they gave him, when he tried to argue politely, here's an example of their loving compassion and their sense of concern for the poor afflicted religious addicts:

Let us begin with ridicule in the form of name calling. I posted on ExChristian.Net as MarianoApologeticus (since Mariano was already taken when I registered).
Here is a taste:
MoronicusApoligeticus…jerk…load of ****…fundies…trolling for carcasses…MarianoPrevaricatoricus…your pathetic and infantile dumb-****…delusional ********…idiot…dubious drivel…Forgetful Freddy…beat it…Whoop-de-frickin'-doo! You're using your own interpretation of ******** to try to disprove someone else's interpretation of said ********. You may as well go debate some Harry Potter - it's all fiction anyway!...Hahahahahahahahaha, ha, ha, ha…TAKE A HIKE…utter ********…your Apologetic drivel…how deep in your *** you had to dig to…asinine logic…it's time for you to paint your **** white and run with the antelope…your god delusion…MarianoApologeticus (aka Mario-Brothers Aplogetics)…spill your trash…you seem strong in the whine department…Moronic Apologist…Marianorepeaticus…blah, blah, blah…Dumb-***…ye of little gray matter…Grow up…all sorts of stupid, that Christian philosophy is!....****….*******….disrespectful, disingenuous religious person….apologetic horse****….you are a ******* liar….Yoo-*******-hoo….**** off….your sky-daddy….mind-****….keep your distance [expletives removed]

When the guy tried to call them on it, well he puts it:

When I pointed out that they were replacing reasoned discourse with ridicule someone stated, “ridicule works just fine for Me, thanks.”
why they are just practically social workers!

This proves my point about atheism as a drug. They throw off a religious life in which their shallow faith leads them to fear God rather than love God. Then they suffer cognitive dissonance and have to justify their decision by taking on super helpings of hate and ridicule to use the Rush from the powerful feeling they get by ridiculing to obliterate the dissonance they feel inside form their treason to God. Mocking and ridiculing makes them feel powerful and like a drug they have to have more.

Which is the real drug? The one that transforms your life and makes you better and gives you peace and makes you happy?

Dr. Michale Nielson,Ph.D. Psychology and religion.


"What makes someone psychologically healthy? This was the question that guided Maslow's work. He saw too much emphasis in psychology on negative behavior and thought, and wanted to supplant it with a psychology of mental health. To this end, he developed a hierarchy of needs, ranging from lower level physiological needs, through love and belonging, to self- actualization. Self-actualized people are those who have reached their potential for self-development. Maslow claimed that mystics are more likely to be self-actualized than are other people. Mystics also are more likely to have had "peak experiences," experiences in which the person feels a sense of ecstasy and oneness with the universe. Although his hierarchy of needs sounds appealing, researchers have had difficulty finding support for his theory."

Poloma and Pendelton The Faith Factor: An Annotated Bibliography of Systematic Reviews And Clinical Research on Spiritual Subjects Vol. II, David B. Larson M.D., Natiional Institute for Health Research Dec. 1993, p. 3290.


"The authors found that religious satisfaction was the most powerful predictor of existential well being. The degree to which an individual felt close to God was the most important factor in terms of existential well-being. While frequency of prayer contributed to general life satisfaction and personal happiness. As a result of their study the authors concluded that it would be important to look at a combindation of religious items, including prayer, religionship with God, and other measures of religious experince to begin to adequately clearlify the associations of religious committment with general well-being."

Or is it something that you can never be truly satiated from, that makes you crave more, drains your life and makes it empty?

Dr. Jorge W.F. Amaro, Ph.D., Head psychology dept. Sao Paulo


a) Unbeliever is the Sick Soul

"A non spiritualized person is a sick person, even if she doesn't show any symptom described by traditional medicine. The supernatural and the sacredness result from an elaboration on the function of omnipotence by the mind and can be found both in atheist and religious people. It is an existential function in humankind and the uses each one makes of it will be the measure for one's understanding."


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This is quite possibly one of the least informed, intellectually dishonest articles I've ever read. Seek help.

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This is quite possibly one of the least informed, intellectually dishonest articles I've ever read. Seek help.

Meta: you are an illiterate little idiot and you don't know what you are talking about. You are so fucking stupid you don't even know the studies you haven't read them you haven't tried to research them.

I wrote a book about it stupid. I spent a whole two years researching it but fuck.

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Atheists hate me, I'll hate them back!

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I choose not to hate

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Nathan, you have the wrong studies in mind. You are wrong about the nature of studies and about religion. I'm going to prove to you that you are wrong. totally wrong.

Look in the main page with them most recent post tomorrow (monday, 12/13/10)

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I quote this long stream of thier stupid little mocking ridicule with is some of the most inane I've ever seen. I quote prominent people in psychology and they say my thnig is the most uniformed.

this Nathan doesn't even know what kind of he's talking about. he actually says it's experiments he can do. he has no idea what social science is (one of he stupid one's who call it "soft science") that screams IDEOLOGY!

Science is there religion. To them social scineces are "wrong" because they weak on doctrine. These are the fudies of reductionism so to them social science is like liberal theology to a fundie.