Friday, April 2, 2010

The old hate group going strong

My arguments on CARM over the last few weeks have yielded the same kind of results. about 14 times someone has posted,(when I'm really creaming them in an argument) "you one respects you. NO one takes what you say seriously." Out of the blue, no reason, why would that be do you think?

arguing on CARM wtih "Username" (that's his name, username--clever hu?)

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you actually think Rosenberg and the other people Miller is quoting are ID guys! that's like the athist on here who thought Thomas Kuhn was a creationist. you can't be serious you must be illiterate. you must be so totally ghettoized in your field that you don't know anything other than that.

the articles Miller was using are from the Journal of Consciousness studies. that is not an ID thing. The ID label covers a lot of people, it's mostly creationists but not always. So there could be overlap, but by and large JCS has nothing at all to do with Christianity, apologetics, or ID in any way.
No, I mean it is totally useless like ID is proving there is a god or not.
This was after crushing his argument with several quotations from academic journals then he dismisses the whole thing as "useless" when he had no evdience at all.

Here is username confussing sicence and lgoic:

It must be! Even if someone uses a scientific argument to prove something, they are using logic.

It's like saying "Prove you can run without using your legs."

this just shows how bad their reasoning is, that he thinks scinece is logic because it uses logic. So therefore logic is also science. But then when you make a God argument they do "logic can't tell us anything about the universe."

On that same thread:

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And some people wonder why they aren't taken seriously.....

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