Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Answers on the Education thing

I don't know if these people are atheists or Christians. I will try to find out. But some good sharp people came along and rubbed that Username guys' nose in it. I want you to see their answers.

D = Dreidel
A = Amabele

these are the "sharp people who came along"

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    D. has a point in that most business teachers teach business as working in a 9-5 job or preparing for one. I don't think business teachers teach people how to run business which, IMO, is what they should be doing. And I also think D. has a point in that people should have a solid liberal arts foundation in any good education, perhaps business degrees don't have that.
    The day she was maimed
    She let out a wail
    and said to herself
    I shall prevail

    I shall reign in my big open world
    where the black abyss cannot be heard
    away from the insane civilization
    where reality is trivialization

    I shall stand free
    I shall stand tall
    they didn't care
    they didn't touch me at all
  2. By the way, I never said business was useless. I said a Business Studies degree was useless from a utilitarian standpoint, no more useful to the business environment than an Arts degree. If you're going to spend 80 yrs or so of your life slaving away trying to earn a living, three years of your time to study something you enjoy and to learn about the real world is hardly a waste of time in the grand scheme of a person's life. It might be a waste as far as a business is concerned, but it's not a waste as far as humanity is concerned. Money is supposed to be a tool to be used by humans, not vice versa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Username View Post
    I think that is a fair generalization.
    It's often said that the greatness of a culture can be judged by the quality of it's museums. Not because Art is great in itself, but that the culture has stabilized and maintained peace long enough for there to be leisure time.

    These "selfish" pursuits of the Arts means that there are a vast majority of people actually working to support the leisure time of others - enough people are being fed, housed and clothed so little Johnnie can play in a rock band during the years he would be most physically productive and/or best warrior.
    Oh, so all our culture, history, art, religion and philosophy is nothing but selfish "leisure" to serve and sponge off the business sector workers? That's the most retarded claim I've ever heard. In fact, if you actually studied history, you'd know that the world didn't switch from an agrarian to a business economy until relatively recently. On the other hand, all of the aforementioned parts of our culture are thousands of years old. You are clearly an idol [money] worshipper.

    By the way, in western society, most of the economy and the businesses aren't involved in producing anything, anyway. They make money from money, they're basically ripping off the countries in the world which do produce goods.

    Quote Originally Posted by Username View Post
    The fact that Metacrock, and others, can pursue their fancy degree is because there are millions of people tending to the business of maintaining the infrastructure around them - while they slavishly try to figure out how to save their own skin.

    Tell that to Gordon Brown, the current Prime Minister of Great Britain and former Chancellor of the Exchequer. He studied History at Edinburgh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Username View Post
    Dreidel, you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but when you grow up and actually try to find a job, you will certainly hope that the guy writing your checks is good at business. We'll see how useless you find it then. It's easy to attack business when you're living on the government's, or daddy and mommies teat.

    Excuse me? Grow up and find a job? I already have a degree, I have worked for my government and for an international bank. I have paid my tax and I saved up money from my paid job to pay for my my degree, so you are way off target with your false assumptions about me. I am studying for this degree not because it will get me a job (although it certainly will!) but because I enjoy the subject and because I'm not some "new money" wannabe from the lower classes. I plan to be as knowledgable and educated as possible and I am paying for it with my own money, so you have zero case against me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Username View Post
    We, who actually work and earn a living for ourselves and others, have a saying about people like you: :"When you can live off your own kill, then you can criticize." 

    You sound like someone who is just bitter and resentful that they never went to university and is stuck in some dead end job. Get over it.

    P.S. It's spelt "cheque".
I be the watches dragnet. What parody! you can see this guy is not oen to take seriously, he's a tea party hack. This D guy is a historian.  I don't know about the other.

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