Monday, March 22, 2010

The Heart of the Atheist Brain Washing

There is Rex, he could not say a single word to disprove my arugment, he didn't address a single major issue, he didn't even try to bail naturalism out of the inexorable dilemma's I put it in (3 of them) but he is still beating the drum for "truth" (his truth) and claiming that it's so obvious there's no God. It's so obvious he can't answer a single argument for the existence of God!

What makes them so impervious to counter evidence, logic, every aspect of human decision making? They can't see the obvious in front of their faces, that little benighted 3% of insist that the 90% are idiots. Why are they so certain? Take another example, just this week end I was sparing with "wordsmith" on CARM. He makes a certain statement about theology (he says an impersonal view of God is not a valid Christian view). I say you only think that because you are not well read enough in theology. Process is theology is Christian and it's big in seminaries and it has an impersonal view of God. He says "But theology is stupid anyway." Wait a minute! He thinks Christianity is stupid as a whole,what does that have to do with what is a valid Christian idea and what is not? He thinks all Christian ideas are stupid, so why should that being stupid mean it's not a Christian idea?

The answer is obvious, his first round verbiage was a smoke screen. He doesn't care what's true, he doesn't care what a Christian idea is. He's not going to believe regardless of the facts everything else is just irrelevant. I discovered a long time ago that 90% of atheist arguments are the same argument, argument from incredulity: I refuse to believe no matter what, therefore, it's not true. This is the only argument Rex makes, actually. When he's spouting high and might verbiage about "truth" what he's really saying is "I refuse to believe not matter what and that's all that counts."

Where does this sort of unwavering dedication to error come from? It's indicative, I think, of the sort brain washing one undergoes in a cult. The problem is I don't' think atheists are put through the kind of socialization process that people in cults are, especially for those whose major contact with other atheists are on the net. I doubt that we would find Rex selling flowers on the street corner to fund projects of Dawkins. Although I really don't know what he does with his spare time. So it has to be a voluntary sort of "brain washing."I had a professor in undergraduate school (U.T. Arlington) named Anson Schoupe who is a famous expert in sociology of religion.He is infamous for saying that brain washing is real socialization. This has incurred the ire of huge numbers of people related to those taken in cults. But it would explain the voluntary nature of atheist brain washing (or socialization).

Atheists are socialized into the group on the net through the process of social acceptance. I've seen process happening before my eyes. Take the case of A on CARM. "A" was not her real name or even her real screen name, (I think she was "AM" but can't remember). She was a Christian and went along being insulted and mocked and ridiculed by atheists. But she also had her own issues she was trying to solve. One day she "de converted" and became an atheist. Instantly, that day all the people who just the day before were telling her how stupid she is, were telling her how smart she is. She was eating it up because she was tired of being called stupid. That's a powerful inducement, finally being accepted by the bullies who had pushed her around and destroyed her self esteem. In a sense she was just "taken over." Of course the bullies see this is a totally valid way to get members because they don't care about truth. They are not seeking redemption they are not in it to find what's real, they just want the psychological rush of being big and powerful becuase they put others down below themselves.

I've uncovered one of the primary motivations for atheism as poor self esteem and the need to put one's self up by putting others beneath. Of course it's obvious various stages of anger against the father and agaisnt God come into it depending upon a person's life story. The need to mock and ridicule Christians on message boards is related to this need to put oneself above some group of the hated.

Ironically those are the same kinds of things atheists criticize Christianity for. They in a sense they emotionally converting at the point of a sword, but they would then find times in history when they ca make that criticism of various religious groups then regard that a reason to doubt the truth of religion. They would find socialization in church and call it "brain washing" I've seen more than one atheist do so. There is no bottom to their hypocrisy. Psychologists really need to study atheism as an exercise in understanding self deception. Of cousre these are anecdotal observations. We need a real scientific study to understand it. I suspect if we could design one we would find that the "new atheism" is driven by engines very similar to those that drives cults.

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