Monday, September 14, 2009

The things atheists say about hte Bible are hateful

from carm of cousre

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Atheists, we all know that you don't like the Old Testament very much. A Jew seems to think that this is because of Christianity.

Well it's because there's a lot of genocide, throwing hissy fits, killing people, and not very nice stuff.

How do you think Christianity makes the Old Testament seem worse?
Well because the New Testament is a lot nicer than the Old Testament. It offers contrast.

Does the New Testament affect your view of the Old Testament? If there was no concept of "Hell", would you be more accepting of it?

Hell doesn't hold me up from believing in the New Testament, any more than the appeal of 70+ virgins motivates me to believe in Islam.

this guy Apostae abe is asked what he thinks of the NT he doesn't even bother to report on that. He just begins ranting about how evil the OT is:

The Old Testament is thoroughly violent, primitive and backward, regardless of any comparison or relation to the New Testament. That is why Ultra-Orthodox Jews are so much more disagreeable than Fundamentalist Christians. But, if we are speaking about God, then Robert Ingersoll said it best:

As a last answer, as a final excuse, the worshipers of Jehovah
said that all these horrible things happened under the "old
dispensation" of unyielding law, and absolute justice, but that now
under the "new dispensation," all had been changed -- the sword of
justice had been sheathed and love enthroned. In the Old Testament,
they said. God is the judge -- but in the New, Christ is the
merciful. As a matter of fact, the New Testament is infinitely
worse than the Old. In the Old there is no threat of eternal pain.
Jehovah had no eternal prison -- no everlasting fire. His hatred
ended at the grave. His revenge was satisfied when his enemy was

If it were not Hell, and if it were not for its encouragement for belief in the Old Testament, the New Testament would not seem that bad. Christianity would be just another ideology that requires evidence.

they have totally blinded themselves to anything but the evil stinking scum of hte OT they can't see anything else. They could not find a decent passage of nice anything anywhere ever. This kind of hatred is being prouder out on thousands of message board every day. it's just the typical stereotype of athirst hatred that Christians are evil because they read this evil book and there's not one single decent thing in it.

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