Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Stupid Atheist Trick

This was on Metacrock's blog tonight:

Look at your post before this one, where you quote Paul unquestioningly and at length as if he were some kind of saint or something

ahahahaahahaahahh I can't stand it! They are so illiterate.

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Rex said...

Yes, I am guilty as charged. I am guilty of not assigning any more significance to Paul than I would to any other minor fictional character in a badly written piece of fiction. I am also guilty of not sharing your delusion of invisible gods and saints and apostles, not because I am uneducated about them, quite the opposite actually, but because it is a work of fiction written by men.

"Worship me and me only, or I will burn you forever" Not exactly a loving forgiving chap eh?

If these concepts make me a "stupid atheist", then I accept that label, but at least I am not living every day in fear of homosexuals or atheists corrupting society, or in fear that I might not worshiping in the exact right way to get me into "heaven".