Thursday, September 24, 2009

the ideology is calling: flee de progaming

Here's what happens when you confront a brain washed person with logic that they can't rfuste.

after getting back on carm and ruaming it down their throats on the being has to be argument Donald says:

I've lost my patience entirely. What have we seen here lately, in support of Christianity? Well, there's Matt's little version of TAG- an argument so transparent and absurd that it really warrants nothing but ridicule- except that, somehow, it's being taken seriously by most of the Christians here! This, to me, is a clear indication of just how desperate they are to cling to anything which helps them to convince themselves that their beliefs are warranted.

We have someone else running around claiming that there's no way that beliefs could have a positive effect unless they're true. This same person repeatedly calls God "being itself"- refusing to accept that "being" is an abstract concept. For a while, I thought that maybe these concepts were just going over my head- that I was missing something. Then, this same poster stated that they, too, agreed with Matt's TAG- which eliminates them from serious consideration. Only an intellectual lightweight would make such a statement, and I therefore have concluded that I'm not missing anything- they're just wrong, and too stubborn to admit it.

of course the second paragraph means me. After arguing some more he gets more angry and says this:

Knock it off. It's stupid.

I will not think I will not think

I will not listen I will not listen

"Donald, this is the ideolgocial tape in your head, run way to avoid degprogaming."

why? the paradigms are shifting, there are too many anomalies for him to deal with and he feels the paradigm slipping away.

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