Monday, November 16, 2015

My Survey of Atheism of blogds and medsage boards, not pretty.

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I don't miss the mocking and ridicule of the idiots on message boards and I'm not going back to it. I'm not pulling back the high intellectual standard I've set for AW. But I am still going to keep tabs on the atheists and Dawkies from time to time. It's not pretty. A survey of the message board scene makes me shutter. What I predicted has come to pass. The atheists and Christians barely talk. The Atheists huddle in their corner talking about how stupid the Christians are. The Christians do not talk to them (why should they)? There is no basis for discussion when both sides think the other is stupid.

I dropped by Loftus's old site, Debunking Christianity, which I had not see in two or three years. Man Has it declined. It imploded. It used to have some bright people and they were challenging to argue with. Below is an example of what they have now.

Apparently a Christian has been there pestering them, named Kenny. He is pestering them by asking questions. How do they deal with him? Character assassination.

An Open Letter to Kenneth

By John Loftus at 11/13/2015

Kenneth is a Christian who comments here. After reading his stuff I'd like to challenge him with an open letter. It may seem harsh, but he's been here a while and he can handle it:

kenneth, if you actually believe what you say then you are a functionally insane person, in the same way as an alcoholic can be functional in society. Your brain is lying to you just like we know brains can do to people. Wow! You're hopeless and nothing we could say will change your mind, in the same way as a brainwashed cultist cannot be reached without an intervention. We tell you to put yourself in the shoes of other religionists who would say the same things, and you can't do it.
You know there's nothing like honesty is there? If your best friends can't tell you who can?

We can point out to you that your God agrees with you about everything, and that doesn't affect you. LINK. We could point out how your brain is lying to you about your life, and it won't be able to penetrate your lying brain: LINK.We could prove to you that faith based processes are notoriously unreliable, and it won't be a cause for doubt: LINK.
He links to a typical atheist website with real obvious slogans about how we should doubt God and we can't believe anything good in our lives is from God. Real helpful and so well thought out. These people are actually stupid enough to think Christians don't think about thyat. There

Is your irony meter ready? He has a thing that says:

Join the discussion…

Glad to, where are you hiding it? One of the denizens of the new DC chimes in:

Reynoldsp56 • 3 hours ago

The golden rule says to treat others the way you want others to treat you. In poor Ken's case he doesn't want anyone here to criticize his faith or beliefs but he has stated a couple of times that he is here to criticize our beliefs. It's almost as if he was afraid to have his beliefs challenged in the same way he wants to challenge us. Maybe he isn't confident that his beliefs are able to stand up under close scrutiny so that's why he presents them only to like-minded people. There is an old saying that a ship is safe in a harbor but a ship wasn't build to sail in a harbor. Same is true for Ken's beliefs also.
I think we can all understand why Ken does this by whatr Loftus said above. I tried to talk bout ideas in several post comment section, not only was I called names but I never saw a single argument. I don't knowhat Kenny is like but one poster says of him:

ephemerol • an hour ago

Here's a look inside a proxy of Kenneth's mind. It's a piece by a catholic named Michael Voris on why the separation between church and state is such a horrible idea. Why, from a highly distorted perspective at least, is this separation such a horrible idea? Two reasons that I could find:

1) In order for the Papal Pedophiles to dominate you, they need to control your government. In 1906, Pope St. Pius X said, "It limits the actions of the State to the pursuit of public prosperity during this life only. ... But as the present order of things is temporary and subordinated to the conquest of man's supreme and absolute welfare, it follows that the civil power must not only place no obstacle in the way of this conquest, but must aid us in effecting it."

2) The Papal Pedophiles are infallible. "If the choice is between what a Pope/saint said and what you say, then the choice is obvious. You are wrong."
They claim to see into his mind, it's ruled by priest, which = pedophile. This is the once proud Debuncking Christianity blog? It's become nothing more than an echo chamber of stupidity. The atheist movement has imploded I predicted. The split of a few years ago drove off their more intelligent people. I'll go more into this site next time. I wont linger in this bog of bull [bleep] for long.


JBsptfn said...

It's a shame that Loftus's blog has gone downhill, but it's really not too shocking.

I see a lot of this stuff on other sites.

I don't like to debate Atheists much, but when I go to the discussion page of JP Holding's YouTube TektonTV channel, this guy named TheDreamVista is constantly posting things for Holding to refute.

This site is one of the ones that I found (the irony is shocking):

The Church of Truth

On the most recent blog entry in the comments section, there is so much that is sad.

First, though, there is this entry that someone shared that claims to be a refutation of Jesus:

Jesus Refutation

Then, the fail is brought in the comments section:

1. Someone said that Kenneth Humphreys (of Jesus never Existed fame) is an historical and educated critique. To that, I posted a link to JP's Tektoonics site that refutes him. In response, the author of the blog claims that JP's write-up was spin, and then he goes on asking me about Mark 16:18 in a fundy way.

2. Another person named Atheos says that the Bible is wrong about who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I said that Atheists need to stop wetting their pants about the names on the Gospels, and I provided a link to your Community as Author page.

Also, on another entry of his, I compared his blog to Marshall Brain's sites (Why Wont' God Heal Amputees and God is Imaginary). The blog owner asked me if I read those sites. I said that I did, and I told him that they are stupid.

For proof, I talked about the section on Marshall's God is Imaginary page that talked about how God should murder people for working at Starbucks on Sunday. That was the dumbest and most ignorant stuff I ever read. Then, I provided a link from the Brain is Ignorant site through the Internet Archive.

Speaking of Ol' Brainless, I went on his site and checked out his forums for a brief second. They have a thread up called what is the best evidence against God .

In the comments section, a person four comments down with the username One Above All said that the best evidence is Reality, Logic, History, Science and Mathematics. Oh. my. God.

Oh, and by the way, do you remember Aron Ra? Apparently, JP said on You Tube that he has come out as a "Jesus didn't exist" loon, and he is thinking about taking him on in some way (either a debate or a video series).

Joe Hinman said...

this is what I predicted. what in math disproves God? do they talk to Christians on these sites?

Joe Hinman said...

O yes the amputees sight. That is the stupidest site in atheist's domain. That was the original brainless atheism. I posted there for a short time years ago. they are brain dead.

Joe Hinman said...

I looked at those, what a waste of time.

JBsptfn said...

On the CADRE Yahoo group, I saw that you posted something from Patheos.

I also looked at something from that site just now. TheDreamVista struck again. It was a post that the Friendly Atheist made two years ago about how the stories that say that Christians were eaten by Lions were made up. I shared that on the Yahoo Group.

Joe Hinman said...

thanks. send it through our group. maybe save us the time of looking up refutations.