Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dawkamentalist mentality shows itself.

There's an atheist on CARM, his real name is Steve Smith. His screen names have been parallax, Blondie, and Backup. Every time he get's banned he blames me and sends me hate mail. Sometimes he sends to the blog and sometimes to the email. He was banned recently. Oddly enough I had nothing to do with it but he assume I did. why? because he said a bunch of things that he deserves to be banned for about me so he assumes I'm the one. Here's his lattest sent ot my email.

Pussy tattletale strikes again.

I swear you are seriously retarded. No wonder you are so hung up on you parents. You should have discovered girls like everyone else when you were a teenager.


first of all, I took care of my parents as they died for the last three years of their lives. That must be what he means by "being hung up on your parents." If you are care for your parents you are some kind of freak. when he was banned as Parallax he said my mother was a whore and I was born a heroin addict. What dose this mean but he's projecting? He resents me because I had a good relationship with my parents he didn't have one with his? Who cares? That's his problem and he needs to keep his indecent little gutter mind silent. He has no right to mention my parents at all period.

Secondly this is the mentality of a criminal. He did sometime wrong not me. I have to fear for getting the rule to work on my side when he violates them because like most criminals he doesn't care about anything but himself. He has no compunction about lying. When he was proved to lie he say "so what Chrsitians like all the time." He's just using extortion to try to get what he wants regardless he deserves it, and he tries to make decent people who follow the rules fear to follow the rules. The reporting system is there to be used. The rules are there to protect us and I should not have to fear to evoke them. I don't. I'm not afraid of this punk.

Thirdly, he's a childish criminal. He has a big mouth but he's a little child. "tattle?" really? like a school yard bully.

He's done this to himself before. he sent hate mail which I made public he kept getting more an angry and sending more hate mail which I also made public so each new attempt at extortion just made feel more like a fool.

Here's another one that is revealing:

Originally Posted by MFFJM2 View Post
No, you don't have an obligation to thank your parents. They have a social, legal, and ethical obligation to provide for you, their children, because they brought you into this world, not of your choosing. You should love and honor your parents for their sacrifices, if indeed they made sacrifices, but thank them for doing what they're supposed to do as parents..? I think not.

I think this ranks as one of the most ridiculous selfish things I've ever seen anyone say. he's saying "if is an evil burden God thrust upon me without asking and he'd better pay up and make it up to me. that makes me entitled to everything.''

Monstrously selfish and stupid. Totally ungrateful.


JBsptfn said...

Typical atheist ad hominem. I read your testimony. According to that, you were never hung up on your parents. You got in disagreements with them about Christianity when you were a teenager.

As for the "discovering girls as a teen" part, I wouldn't be surprised if he is one of those guys that can't be lonely at all, and cowtows to his wife or girlfriend all the time.

Don't get me wrong, I love women, but they don't like wussies. If this guy is, then that would be the high point of irony.

Metacrock said...

he doesn't know anything about me. He's just saying anything to be hurtful he doesn't care fi it's true or not. He's already admitted its ok to lie in arguing agaisnt Christianity because Christians lie.

Metacrock said...

It's so juninle to think you are going to accomplish something by making allusions to someone's masculinity. I don't care what he says it's BS. It makes me angry that he thinks it's valid to use extortion to keep from being penalized and if he get's in trouble you did not wrong not him. He's the one transgressing.