Saturday, July 24, 2010

Answering Rex: Why are Atheists so unable to understand concepts?


Blogger Rex said...

Atheism is not a "belief". It is simply the lack of "belief" in a deity.
that's nothing more than a slogan of propaganda that you have suckered into believing. Atheism is a con game. It's obviously not true becuase one can clearly see from what atheist always say it's a total world view.

It is irrational to believe in something for which there is no evidence, ergo, a - theism.

that's another propaganda slogan that suckers like you accept because it's for people who aren't bright and don't know much. The truth is the criteria for acceptance of belief is very complex. There are no quick and easy fact that demonstrate what is ratinoal to believe. But religious belief is demonstrated more rational in a hundred ways.

Think of it as a - unicornism. You do share my a - unicornism, right?

name calling. that's just like the use of the N word.

There is ample evidence for the existence of the universe, for deities, not so much.

there is no such thing as a plurality of deities. The atheist because he is obsessed with "things" and can't think in conceptual terms reduces the concept of God to a "thing" rather than a basis for everything. Because of this conceptual mistake he is not intellectually capable of seeing the necessity for belief.

But let me ask you a couple questions, Mr. I Have All Of The Answers: What is the cause for god? What created god?

another example of the atheist intellectually inferior outlook. Duh they can't get it through their heads. Thins need causes, the basis of things does not!

God = being itself. that means God is not a being but the basis upon which all be is. "Eternal Necessary Being itself" means this: God is not an individual being but the basis upon which all beings cohere. Does not need cause since "eternal" means no beginning and no end.

What was there before god?

Yet more evidence of the atheist problem of understanding concepts. What part of "No beginning" is so hard for these poor intellectually deficient creatures to grasp?

It is very hard for someone who loves ideas to grasp that this kind of person can't understand concepts.

Something from nothing seems to really bother you, does the same logic apply to your superstition?

I don't have a superstition. anyone who can't understand the concept of "eternal" or of "no beginning no ending" can't understand the distinction between philosophy and superstition.

something from nothing is obviously a contradiction to the basis of naturalistic cause and effect this just demonstrates eh contradiction in atheism argument--it also shows who unable to consider concepts atheists really are.

Someone as learned and esteemed as yourself surely has these answers right? Answer your big bang questions about god.

I just gave them to you.

If your answers actually make rational sense, you will get bonus points, but I am not holding my breath.

Unfortunately in order to understand the answers you would have to actually not have the problem with learning and with concepts that you clearly have.

These are also atheist propaganda slogans that may be why they have such problems with concepts. The brain washing tells them these slogans that prevent them from really thinking deeply about the issues.


Rex said...

There are so many logical leaps in this post that I could spend many many paragraphs on them, but since I don't have much time for your nonsense, I will just pick on this one:

God = being itself. that means God is not a being but the basis upon which all be is. "Eternal Necessary Being itself" means this: God is not an individual being but the basis upon which all beings cohere. Does not need cause since "eternal" means no beginning and no end.

Wow! Deep! And totally unfalsifiable! Typical!

So let me get this straight, the reality based thinkers go back only so far toward the big bang, and then they run into a wall with physics and mathematics and theories of how it worked, and you have a problem with that. That is understandable for someone who is frightened of an open ended question. Your answer is the crazy, superstitious mumbo jumbo highlighted above? And you think it makes more sense to believe in your story than to accept the scientific observations and theories that are honest enough to clearly show where we don't yet understand.

I guess it is more important for you to have the definitive indisputable answers now rather than wait for the correct ones, when we, or if, finally get them.

Again, I am sorry for you that you can't accept a view of reality without supernatural causes.

Go ahead and keep your security blanket of god if that is what it takes for you to be able to sleep at night.

I prefer to see the universe as it really is, not as I would necessarily like to see it. I prefer reality even if it means we have unanswered questions and that we have no one to back us up but ourselves.

Metacrock said...

I'm going to answer this in the main section.