Thursday, May 6, 2010


I took down the post about taking children form their parents because the author of it denied meaning that. He meant don't teach them what to be just let them learn things for themselves. I still think it's good to teach your children to be Chrisians, just make sure you are an open minded Christian and teach them to learn and to think for themselves. those are not contradictions.

There may come a time when they don't reach the conclusions you wish they did and that has to be accepted to. Make sure you tell them "I am a Christian I truly believe that's what's right." Tell them why it's true give them reasons. If you don't kow any read my website.

I had decided to take this down before I saw Hermit's comments but of course he's always on the ball waiting to tell me what I did wrong. he never comes to my aid no matter how extreme or unfair the attacks but he's always there to tell me I screwed up.

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