Monday, March 16, 2009

Hate group atheism at it again

I am using this thread to give Arizona Atheist one final chance to prove he can muster actual arguments and do more than name call. failing that he's history.

The very fact that your god has never been proven puts the burden of proof squarely on you to prove its existence. Your continuing insults and ignorance is pitiful, really.
No it doesn't. Why should I have the burden of proof? How can you have a burden to prove something which already say can't be proved? I can only have a burden of proof if I'm trying to convince someone.

Meta: "that make him a big man? that make you feel real tall hu? listen little one I was a sociology major. I know far more about social sciences than you ever will.."

AA: If I actually attempted to study that subject in depth maybe you'd know more, maybe not, but that has nothing to do with the topic of natural selection and innate morality. Clearly, if anyone is trying to act like a "big man" it's you.
You brought it up. You made the statment that I don't know about human behavior. Well what do you think sociologists study? Social stcutrue but also human behavior in social structures.

Meta:"there is no proof for genes of morality. That's a lie"

AA:Very good, precise scientific argument. Where did you learn it? One of those many discredited christian diploma mills? Like I said, you badly need to read up on the subject.
You are not making yourself seem clever wtih that tone. Any number of atheists here will tell you are not making a fool of yourself. I made my argument now answer it. Stop trying to show how clever you are by making a childish wise cracks and say something that matters.

btw everyone knows my Ph.D. was in a secular universtiy. If you do't bleieve go ask John Lofuts on Debuncking Chrsitiantiy. The big atheist author remember? I proved that he studied with Craig and he proved that I went to a secular department as a Ph.D. student in history of ideas. I studied the hsitory of science.

Meta:"I never said that either. It looks you are willing to believe wild rumors and you don't check out the facts very well."

AA: ) Funny stuff. I know that's a lie. I have proof, but you go ahead and say you didn't. Bigot.
bring it. let's see?

I remember a time when I was angry and I considered weather nor not to argue for that. But I never actually got around to pushing it. Baning not killing.

AA:Old (not to mention hateful and bigoted) man with your ever increasing anger in your replies I think it's time for your nap.

you are doing the very same things. why is it not hateful and bigoted when you do it?

Well, it's been uneducational, but interesting. Like I said, you might want to crack open a few books and learn more before you make yourself look silly again.

and you made a complete fool of yourself. you proved that you can't make a logical argument. you can't respond to a logical argument in a decent manner. you can' understand complex argumetns. You can't take part in a civilized discussion.

you still have not made a single logical argument against my God arguments.

i will give you one more chance. make a logical argument and behave like a civilized person and discussion without insults or you are banned.

I don't think it's wise to allow childish hate mongers who are just out to prove they are superior in the most childish way to take part in a real discussion. They will ruin it every time.

i'll give you one more chance.


Arizona Atheist said...

I'm the hateful one?! Now I know you're nothing but delusional. I'm not the one who said I wanted to make christians illegal. One more chance for what? To prove what a dipshit you are? No thanks. I'm not doing the same things you are; I'm responding to your asshole behavior.

Just because you're unable to recognize a logical argument when it's presented to you doesn't mean I didn't make one.

You're not worth arguing with.

Fuck you.

Feel free to post this to "prove" how "hateful" I am. Once again, I'm not the one who resorted to insults at the outset; I'm simply responding to your piss poor attitude.

J.L. Hinman said...

I'm the hateful one?! Now I know you're nothing but delusional. I'm not the one who said I wanted to make christians illegal.

perfect example of circular reasoning. I didn't say that remember? you onlly "heard" that I did. I said I considered it. I did not say it should be. But here youa re arguing as though I did.

ironically, you are a perfect example of the sort of reason why I would consider it.

Mariano said...

J.L. Hinman;
Thank so much for blogrolling Atheism is Dead, I will add you to our roll.

The above is indicative of an experience I had in which the Arizonian demonstrated a, sadly, typical septic skeptic trend which is a signet of the New Atheist sect of atheism: pseudo-skepticism.

See the comments section of

if you are interested.


J.L. Hinman said...

I like AD.

We should make a dictionary cataloging all the traits and fallacies of the so called "New" atheism.

thanks for the comment.

Mariano said...

The world could not contain the volumes which would be required.