Friday, March 13, 2009

Atheist Incredulity: Do they live in fear?


Some atheists are so angered at the mere expression of ordinary beliefs that they can't contain themselves. This doesn't apply to all atheists, so in this article I'll just be talkign about this one certain type, the Dawkamentalists. For example in response to my statement "don't let atheists steal your faith" Arizona Atheist throws a tantrum:

Faith is bullshit. Your claiming it's "complex" does nothing to solve your problem. Theists have no evidence for their beliefs and that's that. All "arguments" are simply "god of the gaps" arguments and nothing more. Due to the tremendous lack of proof/evidence for all theistic claims it's all based on "blind faith." So, yes Loftus is correct. Faith is nonsense.

I think it's ridiculous that anyone older than fourteen can't allow others to express their views without a hissy fit. That's exactly what this is, crying, pouting shouting "how dare you disagree with my ideology.!"

Let's just take this statement apart:

Faith is bullshit. Your claiming it's "complex" does nothing to solve your problem.
So what problem is that? Why is it necessary for him to say this? Does he provide any sort of logical analysis? no he's merely venting. Does he offer scientific data to back up his irrational emotive assertions? no.

Theists have no evidence for their beliefs and that's that.
Not at all. We don't have any! So if we actually then he's wrong isn't he? How does one expalin my 42 arguments? that's some! he may disagree with them, but it's some. not an an absence of any at all.

Read them ignorant little puddle duck. read them and tell they are just stupid. show me why. Name the law of logic they violate! They never do. Not one of the little hate mongers has ever named a single law of logic that arguments violate.

All "arguments" are simply "god of the gaps" arguments and nothing more.
I really doubt that this guy even knows what the phrase "God of gaps" means. He is insisting that all God arguments are G of G. But he can't prove to anyone that even of mine is. No one can because they are not. I am willing to let him try. If fact if he can prove to a rational nuetral person that any of argumetns are God of gaps I'll take this blog down.

God of the gaps means the arguments turn upon a gap in knowledge. It means nothing more than that. A God of the gaps argument is not necessarily illogical. Its' not a rule of logic that you can't base an argument on a gap. It's not very smart to do it, but therer is law of logic that ays you can't. Neverthless none of mine are. Now we have to be clear what a gap is and what it is not. A gap is not a logical problem which be sloved. That's the answer to any charge of G of G. If you can show a gap based upon not merley a dirth of knowing but upon a logical problem something that can't be resolved wtih an explaination of naturalism then there is no God of the gaps. None of my arguments rest upon merely not knowing, they all rest upon problems with a naturalistic solution.

Let's go through the first 10 and I'll give examples:

1.Argument from Cosmological Necessity

this does not turn upon merely not knowing something, it turns upon the concepts of ontologcial necessity and contingency. Thus it takes more than just filling in a gap to solve the argument. All naturalistic phenomena are contingent, but you can't have continency without a necessity. That meanst here has to be some sort of eternal necessaity at the level of being itself, that means God.

2.Everything Has to have a ReasonNEW!

That is not merely a gap in knowing, it's a logical problem becasuet there is no reason for there pure accient that a totally naturalistic univesrse would be.

3. Fire in the Equations

Where do the laws of physics come from. Atheists typical mistake this for gap. It's more than a gap, it's logical barrier to an naturalistic explaination.

4. Anthropic Principle (2 Pages)

Doesn't Doesn't turn on merely not knowing something. It turns upon the imporbablity of the univerrse to bear life. There's nothing in this that's a mere gap in knowledge, we understand it quite well.

5. From Religious Instinct (3 pages)

There's no gap in kniowledge here. The vast majority of people who have ever lived have believed in god in some sesne. That incates genetic basis because it's universal to the species. There no gap involved.

6. From Religious a priori

How could an a priori argument turn upon a gap in knowlege? The only way you can have a god of the gaps argument is if you have a gap in knoweldge. That means it ahs to be an empirical argument which is inductive. An a priori argument is dedictuve. It is not based upon empirical data. So it can't have a gap in knowledge at the crux of the argument. So no a prori ;God arguements can ever god of the gaps arguments.

7. From Mystical experience, (3 pages)

Doesn't turn upon not knowing, it's justification argument for rational warrant so it cant' be a god of gaps arguments. it's based the positive knowledge about the effects of religious experince. It's not based upon a gap.

8. Thomas Reid Argument, (2 pages)

Based upon what we do know not what we don't know so it can't be God of the gaps.

9. Argument from the Sublime

based upon positiave knowledge

10.Existential Argument.

based upon positive knowledge and phenomenology.

Just because an argument conatins a gap in knowledge doesn't mean it's a god of the gaps argument. the entire argument itself, the pay off, the punch line, the point upon which it turns, has to be based upon that gap in kowledge and that means upon not knowing. Argumetns that turn on logic or upon what we do know can't be God of the gaps arguments. Arguments based upon logical falws in naturlism can't be god of the gaps arguments.

AA goes on to whine:

Due to the tremendous lack of proof/evidence for all theistic claims it's all based on "blind faith."
Of course I just disproved that because none of my arguments are based upon blind faith. But more improtantly, I agued that faith is not belief without evidence, we have evidence. Just becuase childish people have not intelligence or training to understand logic or get the ponit of argument doesn't mean the argument is not good. Atheists are always saying stupid childish arrogant things like this and they are always stupid because they have to ignore gobs of material that is simpley away over their heads.

So, yes Loftus is correct. Faith is nonsense.

But of course he's ignroing my statment that faith is complex because it is made up of many parts: belief, faithfulness, loyalty and so on> I prove that by the defition from the dicitonary. I argue that faith is placing confidenc ein a proposition, so it has nothing to do with blind faith (faith is blind faith, that's defining the word with the word). Of course he innores that like most atheists who are hateful enough to while like this and vent their ignorance. There's no evidence at all not a single big. When they start saying that we know they have never read the major thinkers.


Arizona Atheist said...

Anyone over the age of 8 should be able to see where your tremendous error is. Your ridicule of that very reasonable picture (and my comment) demonstrates your ignorance and, yes, stupidity. The very fact that you conjure up something, a particular god, to explain something in effect doesn't explain anything because your god is also in need of an explanation! I also wouldn't call your beliefs "ordinary." Your beliefs only make up one out of many branches of what is called christianity, and that's not even mentioning all the other religious beliefs, both the theist and atheistic religions (ie. religions that contain no gods). And yes, faith is bullshit. And, by the way, all your arguments are either illogical or nothing more than 'god of the gaps' crap. I feel no need to elaborate. I've written about your errors extensively and don't feel like rehashing it.

The very illogical nature of your claims are so mind numbingly silly I don't even see why I'm replying. My "ideology"??? Sorry, but I have none, and yes a 'god of the gaps argument' is in fact a non-argument. I've run across this nonsense before but your little brain can't seem to comprehend why that "answer" isn't really an answer at all. Simply put, your "answer" (the christian god) has never been proven so cannot be relied upon as the answer. It's so funny to read someone who believes in the absurd things as you do (a dead man rising from the dead after being dead as a doornail for 3 days, virgin birth, etc.) talk about logic (something you clearly know nothing of). Priceless! Thanks for that bit of humor. You should be a comedian.

J.L. Hinman said...

I don't see any answers to my arguments. You have failed to address a single point with anything other than posturing. You are not a worthy oppoent. you are illiterate nkow nothing. Go back to school, get into college (which I am sure you are not in and never have been) learn something, then we will talk.