Saturday, January 24, 2009

O, Atheism is not a Hate group! O yeAAAAa....

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. December 2005

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, may have to face legal proceedings in connection with a TV-documentary on a heavy-metal rock band with the musicians playing on the background of satanic symbols and the red inscription ’Kill the Christians!’ The setting also shows the band proposing a toast on occasion of the pope’s death. In spite of protests from the Catholic bishop and from the organisation ’Church and Media’ the director general of DR, Kenneth Plummer, insisted on broadcasting the programme.

The case is seen as an example among the growing number of confrontations between believers and the active non-believers. Religion in general and Christianity has become more and more visible in the present society, and the reaction from non-believers is intensified, understandably when religious intolerance dominates the debate.

WSLS news Roanoke, va

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By Lindsey Ward

Published: June 2, 2008

A video image released by the computer game’s creator showing an injured man may not appear to be graphic, but you may change your mind once you know who it is. It’s the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The new game, not yet released, is giving a voice to the atheist community, that’s according to the game’s creator, a University of Virginia graduate student. He wouldn’t release his name, for fear of his safety.

“Atheists have never really had anything to speak for them like this. It’s the general atheist premise that the world might be a better place without some of those religions,” explained the creator of the game.

The object of the game is to stop the spread of Christianity and Islam by murdering Abraham and the authors of the Bible, before beheading Muhammad.

“This really just mirrors, you know, a lot of violence that we see,” explained the creator.

Barkley Thompson is a Reverend at Saint John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Roanoke. After hearing about the game and seeing its images he says it’s a sign of the times.

“I think that the images speak of a culture that as become obsessed with violence, I think that it is true in all demographics, but it seems to me particularly true of younger age groups,” said Thompson.

However, the game’s creator argues the game is not just violent and it has a message to young players, helping them imagine a time when the world’s two largest religions were new and less organized.

“It’s the idea of being able to go back in time and sort of nipping the problem in the bud,” said the game’s creator.


Kristen said...

Well, of course "Atheism" is not a hate group. There is a certain subgroup of atheists that certainly do seem to bear some of the earmarks, though. As that article shows.

We wouldn't call Islam a hate group just because there is a radical sect of Islamic terrorists.

But "Kill the Christians"? Wow. How far would they get if it said "Kill the Jews"?

Anonymous said...

Of course no Christian would ever design a video game that advocated killing non-Christians and unbelievers...

Oh, wait a minute...

Left Behind:Eternal Forces

"Screen shots of the game show Christian warriors in full battle gear, patrolling the streets of New York battling for souls against the forces of evil—the “Peacekeepers.” Hutson reports that the mission of these warriors is to force everyone else to either convert, and line up with the forces of good (the “Tribulation Force”) or be killed, with their bodies left to rot in the streets. The game’s website notes that killing unbelievers will cause gamers to lose “spirit points” — however, a quick post-bloodbath “prayer” session will rack those points right back up. The game shouts, “Praise the Lord!” every time an unbeliever is blasted away.

Deos that make Christianity a "hate group" Metacrock?

J.L. Hinman said...

you are really anidiot aren't you? there's nothing in the end times senerio that says we should kill unbelievers. what dunce you are.

I have not seen the video game based upon the left behind thing. But there's nothing in original movie that says "Christians should kill unbelievers."

but it would ok with me to put them in jail.

clear and present danger to the social good.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hate groups, why is there a link to such a group on this blog of yours?

Let's look at just a few of the articles on this site:








And my personal favourite:

THE CARRION LOVERS OF SOCIETY One basic principle about carrion lovers is that the unclean is clean to them.

While traveling on a certain highway the other day, I saw two DOGS consuming the remains of a well-rotted deer caucus.

Now dogs have a very keen sense of smell. But the stench of well rotted carrion doesn't bother them.

Dogs and all carrion consumers aptly typify atheists and all non believers in God. They are the carrion lovers of the world. The unclean is clean to them. They are not repelled by any of the moral carrion in the world. They are the dogs, buzzards, possums and maggots of the world.

J.L. Hinman said...

dish it out but you can't take it.

J.L. Hinman said...

So let's look at the "logic" this atheist is using.

His guys say "I want to kill Christians."' that's ok he understands them. It's wrong, its not what he would do, but he understands their frustrations, because those old darn fundies are so stupid.

My guy says "atheists are controlled by Satan." O that eivl know nothing, he's a hater. It's a hate group.

that's not the same as saying "we should kill them." That's a bit more serious.

akakiwibear said...

Come now people - this is silly. Fanning the flames of intergroup hatred simply gives credibility to their causes.

Yes there are religious hate groups and groups that hate religion. I would rather see balanced condemnation of both than the playground level "my hate group is better than your hate group" rhetoric.

Yes, Joe should be drawing our attention to hate groups, they need to be identified and branded as such (specifically identified not all coloured "atheist", Kristen's point) - OK Joe's focus is atheists BUT we should all be clear in our condemnation of ALL hate groups.

It is far to easy to slip into the trap of implicitly aligning ourselves with hate by pouring vitriol on one group because they harbour 'hate' elements.

Hamba kahle - peace