Friday, January 30, 2009

here's the sort of things many atheists do.

I found this on a website a came acorss:here

this is suppossed to be what I say. he just uses some of phrases and takes them out of context and actually changes my words to fit the stupid thing he thinks because my real view are way over his head.

This is on "fundies say the darnedest things." Of course anyone who knows me knows how stuid it is to call me a fundie. I went to a liberal seminary, I have all sorts positions all over my website. This is by someone who doesn't know shit from shinola about theology and doesn't care. a little brain dead shmuck that represents about 90% of what I see on atheist boards.

God exists becasue I say he does

(1) the senese of the relaity of God is unqiue and intautve. if you don't have it you just dont' have it. But the verfication of it is the working out of sueprnatural effects in the life of the believer.

(2) God is the Transendental signfiider, there will always have to be a thing at the top of the metaphysical hierarchy and that thing is God.

the atheist is stuck, there cannot not be a God, and that is borne out by the reilgius a prori in the live of the believer.

Metacrock, [Comments (49)] [2007-Mar-29]

here's the kicker. The homepage to the site this:

An archive of the most hilarious, bizarre, ignorant, bigoted, and terrifying quotes from fundies all over the internet! The FSTDT archive is the largest collection of fundie quotes on the planet, with More than 28020 archived quotes this very second!

They are saying I'm ignorant! Me? they think I'm a fundie because they don't' even know what that is, they think it's anyone who believes in God, because they stupid as shit and they think I'm ignorant.

Nothing more than little tiny children on the internet showing how utterly stupid and unread they are.

Here are some of the comments from these super intelligent inligthenied breakons of reason:



2007-Mar-30 12:41 PM

You don't understand, Metacrock tries to pass himself off as some sort of philosophy expert, but he can't write or spell worth a damn, and he has had his ass handed to him by many different people on multiple occasions.\n\nHe's not quite as annoying as Troy Brooks, but he is an arrogant bastard.

Note the keen isnight into the problem of dyslexia. He demsontrates right away that he has a keen adult understanding of social and psychologcial progelms. He shows us that he's a serious thinker who grasps issues, like Dyslexia and that he's reall well read and capable of discussing content in an intelligent way.

here the wrods of his insightful learned well read colleges.



2007-Mar-30 01:44 PM

Yes, he desperately stumbles through his dyslexic thesaurus, trying to pin down his intrinsic ineffable aetheric ephemeral ethic.\n\nI empathise with your frustration, Metacrock.



2007-Mar-30 02:00 PM

Someone's vocabulary exceeds their education.

did you see what that idiot said? "someone's vocabulary exceeds thir education." how would that work now? it is very logic that someone who has not taken the courses and done the work with ap professor uses the terms correctly? terms these guys don't even know?



2007-Mar-30 03:16 PM

This is what you get when you order your spellchecker in Elbonia.



2007-Mar-30 03:18 PM

You can't spell this badly without a great deal of effort.
1 2

why I dont' know who would not want to number among the ranks of these mavens of scholarship and reason. They have such keen minds, such analytical grasp of a situation. And they think so fairly, they are able to keenly judge a situation. They know I'm lying about ever having gone to school. I'm just some little illiterate know nothing idiot who just happened to read a bunch of books about Derrida and learned to all the terms correctly but doesn't really know anything.

they on the other hand, so deeply well read don't even understand what a fundie is or what a liberal is or what makes you one. That's the true the mark of a real think, so shoot his stupid cake hole off about thing he doesn't even understand and is too lazy to read about. what geniuses.

Anyone who think these guys know anything or that their assessment of me really matters is an idiot and I don't regard you are being worthy of consideration.

I try to pass myself off... like this bag of shit even understands half of what I say.NO he does not. He couldn't read anything and the use terms that I use and get them right. Moreover, I left the phone number for the departmental secretary where I was a doctoral student, so the atheist shit holes on cram could call and prove that I was what I say I was. But not one ever called. Why do you think that is? do you have a theory? Could it be because they know and they didn't want to embarrass themselves? what's more I did that a whole bunch of times. I left the number time after time and none of them ever called.

I even went to so far as to call William Lane Craig to prove that a certain former student of his was really a student of his so it would shut up fundies who said to him the same thing these shit bags are saying to me. But would he return the favor, no of course not. like a creep he calls the office so they want my ss number which of course I wont give him. So that's the same just not doing it.

my one chance to prove to the little lying hypocrisies that I'm on the level he this guy wont put himself out to do for me what I did for him.

that's an atheist. A christian will die for you, he will give you his money his car go to jail for you. die on the cross for you. The atheist wont return a favor you did for him because it's too much trouble and he's too big a deal. he so important he's on such a head trip he doesn't have to return a favor.


J.L. Hinman said...

did you see what that idiot said? "someone's vocabulary exceeds thir education." how would that work now? it is very logic that someone who has not taken the courses and done the work with ap professor uses the terms correctly? terms these guys don't even know?

J.L. Hinman said...

Before the deluge of comments begins. I know it's the internet. I know these guys are trolls they could be fundies next week. I know they don't represent all atheists.

so don't seat it.

A Hermit said...

And here's the sort of thing many Christians do...

callin gfor killing those who are different THERE SHOULD BE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR HOMOSEXUALITY

or calling people "lying Nazi faggots...

What's your point?

RD Miksa said...

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J.L. Hinman said...

go on any athist message board and pretend to be a christian. coward. I've been making that challenge for years and you've never done it.

you coward go put your money where your mouth is.

I can go on Christian boards pretending to be an atheist and it takes all day before I am insulted.
it's right away with atheists.