Monday, July 11, 2016

follow up on exchange with I' Skeptical

  • im-skepticalJuly 5, 2016 at 7:30 AM
    Joe:you also seem to to think that the point of belief is to explain things scientifically This is a classic mistake atheists often make.It's not.Scientific explanations do not a priori comlpete with belief in God.

    - In my opinion, we believe things because belief is what motivates us to some kind of action. If we want our actions to be beneficial, it is helpful to have beliefs that correspond to reality.

    that doesn't mean they have to explain science there's more kinds of knowledge than science

    As an epistemological tool, science is hands-down the best way we have of understanding the reality of our world.

    Nope depends u[on the questions there are lots of things sscience can't tell us

    The better we understand reality, the greater are our chances of having true beliefs about our world. You can scream and stomp your feet, but religious belief has no basis in reality.

    Joe:that's bullshit, God is real and that means religion uas a basis in reality, you little sciedntisim has trucated realkjity and limited you to one aspect, that's less than stickiness really because you reject all science that doesn't confrm your ideology-any skincare that doesn't support your view you condmen, you do not base your views on science but vice versa

    that's all based upon that same stupid idea that belief in god is about answering science. I think you are assuming that belief is about stopping evolution.Most Christians today believe in evolution

    - I'm not sure that's true. But it doesn't matter.

    Joe:it matters a great deal because it totally distorts the way you examine things

    Religion doesn't answer science at all. Science answers religion. Science tells us much more about our world than religion ever did.

    Joe:you are not listening, science and religion do not compete, they are in disagreement because they don;t answer the same issues, the thing science tells us are more because they are more immediate,that doesn't mean they are more important, they just more accessible. The things religion tells us that science cant are much more important 

    Even that adoption of evolution by religious believers is not an issue of religion coming up with the right answers. It took science to do that.

    Joe:that's pretty ignorant, you really don;t know much about the history of science do you modern science was made by Christianity,Darwin was boardly supported by ministers
  • part 2

    The only way religion can survive in the face of science is to change their beliefs,

    Joe:why would that be when they don;'t deal with the same things. religion is being contradicted by science only in areas that have been long abandoned by most modern religious sthinkers

    and pretend that religion has had it right all along. It wasn't that long ago that ALL Christians were creationists.

    Joe:that's meankingess it was same space ago that atheists dhad no answer for how loife cae to be, so what>
    get it though your head try to get the concept, you are setting up a criteria that purposely screws to data to-make roguishness look stupid and science look like the victor in an imaginary contest that never happened,you are creating competition there is none, merely to make it look a certain way

    that is total bullshit It;s not even valid science It's clear, crap. science doesn't nearly explain everything not e en close. We are just getting started.

    - Your "just getting started" has been going on for thousands of years. And the best thing you've been able to do in that time is to adopt the scientific answer to various things whenever your own beliefs are shown to be ridiculously naive hokum.

    Joe:get oof the elite bullshit wagon that tries to say you own science, you are not more scientific sciece is no more your province than mine nor is science anti-relkigious it;'s a neutral tool. It's there to be used, if we don't use it you mock and ridicule because we are too stupid to be modern,if we do use it then we are admitting religion is no goods, you are just twisting the issue to create double binds because you have no real understanding of science at all.

    And finally, it would be nice if you post a link when you want me to reply to something specific. You have so many blogs, I can't keep track of them. Please put the link here.

    Joe:I did it says "My7 answer"? iot;s roght after thsi or before iot.
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