Friday, February 19, 2016

Atheists can'tvfigure out why God wshould rule

This was on the so called "Thinking atheist" blog a couple of days ago. The topic was h9w stupid it is to pray for the sick when only medical science can help them.

I can't help but wonder, too, about the religious beliefs/lack thereof of the many medical professionals who helped your relative. Surely all weren't Christians — why would God need non-Christians, most likely even some atheists, to carry out his alleged will?

    People choose to go into professions is God supposed to stop them? The misconception is that if God heals once he must everything or nothing. That's not rational. There can be a lot of different reasons why one time and not another. God gave us brains to study medicine it's not like God says do one or the other.

    Doctros who don't say prayer works have not been around. few doctors agree iwty your cartoon., prayer orks you just need to ask questiojn about what it's for and ho9w it works. It wont replace the hospital because it's not supposed to.

Part of the problem is that Christians are often taught not only that God is good, but that God is synonymous with good and the source of morality. To them, "good" means "in accordance with God's will" and "evil" means "against God's will". They literally can't criticize God or blame him for anything, because to them the idea of God being at fault is a contradiction in terms. If you tell them that you don't believe God exists, they think you are rejecting morality.

[This is like a major problem they figure out, why would God be God?]

you are reciting party line. Determinism is an excuse for totalitarian thinking. see my essay "Orwellian atheism"
 [one poster was talking about determinism but I didn't copy his comment]]


The following excerpt (from ONE, For the Third Millennium, is related to your comment that gods get the credit for all the good and anything but gods get the blame when things go wrong:
"Many of us have been taught that a creator has “endowed” us with free will. This ingenious bit of theological inventiveness, among so many others, was designed to relieve creators, i.e., contrived gods, of the responsibility for having created the dark side of life. Gods get the credit for all the good things and we, because of “free will,” get the blame for all the bad. This is a very clever construction although not quite as clever as “divine revelation,” which is in a class by itself. That aside, do we really have free will?
"Yes, of course. Like all other creatures, we can do whatever we like. Our behavior is not governed by mythological gods. We can lead unhealthy lifestyles. We can mistreat and exploit others. We can pollute our air, water, and soil and deplete and destroy our resources. In other words, we can and do destroy the foundational relationships of our lives.
"We have free will. But we do not have free will over the consequences. We cannot will the consequences. In an interrelated, interdependent world, the consequences are fixed. Our only choice, in fact, is to honor the way of life as it really is and prosper or violate the way of life and suffer needlessly."

    this kind of reasoning proves the Orwellian nature of atheism. you are being taught to think you are not free you must obey the leader. look what he said, how can you be a free thinker without free will. Then he implies that free will is made up by theologians to control people. that's nuts.Do you not understand how universal to humanity the experience of using your judgment is? It's all over philosophy. It is nowhere near the case that no atheists believe in free will.


I've often wished for a Facebook plug-in or setting that would automatically disappear any comments, if the only alphanumeric characters are "prayer" or "prayers" or "praying". It would save me a lot of time, and probably save Facebook 10% of the bandwidth directed at me.

O yea atheism isn't controlling, Orwellian, brain washed. you want ot disallow a ny contrary view to your own. You are such a free thinker! you must have no concept of the meaning of that term.

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