Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Place in Atheist Thought for Thinking

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The other day the CARM atheists surpassed themselves in stupidity. Given a prefectly good God argument, a valid reason to believe in God, they reufussed to answer it saying it was not a real argument it's not about tangible things. The argument was an all purpose disproof of anti-God argued based upon possible worlds. It was based upon Theistic proto pan psychism (the idea that our reality is a thought in a mind, the mind we call "God"). That defeats any possible world because it means that there is no possible world that is not a product of God's imagination. The argument was based upon two other arguments I make all the time. the first was the argument that God is the ground of being, And the Transcendental Signifier argument. I found a way to make them both fit the "thought in the mind of God" argument.

(1) God is the depth of being, all being has depth (god is being itself, same thing). Any world must contain being and any form of being in indicative that God is present.
(2) TS signifier argument shows that the organizing Principe is necessary to any organized world. thus god must be in all organized worlds. This might be bridged with the the notion of the world in the mind of god.

The person I put it up for never got to it until it was full of trash talk and stupid pissing contests. The others did a ridicule gauntlet thing and just mocked it and said stupid useless things for well over 46 posts.


I truly enjoy arguments like this. "God is great and perfect and wonderful because I say so and don't question me!"

Meta, you seem like a fairly intelligent person. If someone knocks on your door and tells you to buy this oil because it'll fix all your health problems and make your .. 'male member'.. grow to epic proportions --- Do you buy it? I assume you don't. Your God arguments are nothing more than snake oil. You can exclaim all of the reasons why your God must exist. Why? Because you invented him and you invented the reasons, too.

Snake oil generously applied to those fine new robes being worn by that emperor.

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you didn't' read it! you trying to tell all about them and you didn't read them!


I did - the first line of your argument. Don't play dumb.
Yes, don't play dumb. I can't answer arguements because I can't think logically so I quite reading after the first line because it's too hard for me, but you are playing dumb."

My answer: at least I have to  play. like reading the first line really counts as reading the argument.

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since you have 0 knowledge of theology, you don't know beans about Christianity (evidenced by the fact that you think theology is done by taking the OT literally) you don't have a right to talk about it. you are spouting Pi pi kaka which you know not of.
Existing isn't a thing that can love or forgive. To say it is is to make a category mistake. As is confusing something with the ground of that thing. So, you've got double category mistake. None of this has anything at all to do with the OT. So, try again. And, psst, read up on theology yourself if you don't think maximal goodness is a property of God.

This is an extremely moronic answer because it means he has no idea what Tillich's notion of being itself is about. Rather than learn about it he just uses his usual literalism, he knows "existence can't be a person" so he's not going to wonder about it any further. He does know that God is supposed to have some sort of human like qualities that stem from consciousness and in his literalistic thinking existence is not a person so it can't have those qualities. Never mind what Tillich actually meant by the term, which I did explain. Even when they are kind of smart they are really stupid.

The idiot Radiology can't just leave it hanging that he is stupid stupid to read more than one line so  he tries to invent a reason why he could see at a glance my argument is no good. Of course this has to be after he went back and read more becuase I shamed him into it.

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I already explained why it isn't an argument - because for you to make the argument you were forced to invent terminology that defines your God as untestable. Get past this and we will have something to talk about. Until then your arguments are just jibberjabber.

He's insisting that I made up the term "being itself" no one ever used it before I did. So if I made it up it must be stupid he doesn't have to answer it.

I did not invent any terms for any of htat. every bit of that came form established thinkers who aware called great one was an atheist.

if you were educated you would know that. Tillich and Derrdia are not that obscure. you don't know stuff and you refuse to admit it you should just stay out of areas you don't know.

I dont' try to tell Hans about math.
I'd politely point out that science actually works. I might even go as far as to say that some aspects of philosophy have helped that.
Science "works" that is it's covering subject matter that is given in sense data so we can empirical observations about it. Does that mean that it always favors atheism over beilef in God? No of course not. Does it mean that philosophy and logic can't offer valid reasons to believe in God? NO, why would it? All it really means is the most immediately trivial aspects of life are more amenable to scinece.

Here we have that stupidity again, where the atheist says "scinece works." that proves its veracity so working is indicative of truth. But religious works too, the religious experience studies show that religion makes good on it's claims to transform our lives and make them better. That's working stops being indicative of truth. Just because it's an advantage doesn't mean it's true. In the world logic we call this "a double standard," or "special pleading" or "contradiction." But that's not scinece, science would all of those fallacies.

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you don't know anything about philosophy. of cousre I'm the last person because I showed you up.
I know enough about philosophy to know its pretty much a worthless subject, at least for me.
In part of the exchange he says I'm angry as that's supposed to prove I'm wrong. only wrong people get angry.


O think I'm angry hu. right in front of your face they treat me like **** and you think I'm angry what a genius. 
Oh poor Meta!
O poor meta, O poor asshole. it goes on this way post after post all down the page. nothing in that whole thread that's even worth reading. I think this is all pretty hateful. That's evidence of hate group as well as shallow thinking and stupidity. they didn't even try to answer the arguments. they saw immediately they are not even willing to hold a civilized discussion. They are there to mock, period.

why would anyone want to be in a movement based upon being stupid? This exhibits the aspect of atheist ideology that is the most dangerous the reduction of thinking and all knowledge to scientism. Scientism is the obsessive love of science to the point of making it the all pervasive ideology and replacing all other forms of thought. That's what they have done here. Logic has no place in thinking now it's all scinece. Scinece works but it only works as long as it's in agreement wiht atheist ideology.

I just got through posting 2 essays on the tendency of atheism to reduce all knowledge to scinece.


JBsptfn said...

Check this out:

On William Lane Craig's Facebook page, here is what this one guy said:

Quote" The difference between Christians and Atheists:
If an atheist slips up, fellow atheists will call him on it. For example, Dan Barker has made some errors in his debates on the existence of God, and I correctly pointed them out. On the other hand, Christians have a herd mentality where they will never, ever, EVER concede a point, even when they are mistaken. Christians who defend William Lane Craig will always defend everything he says to a T, without thinking about his arguments for themselves."Quote

I said:

Quote"That's funny, because this person that I know is always debating Atheists on CARM, and they seem to have the same herd mentality that those Christians do that you describe. He is always dealing with a ridicule gauntlet of ignorant Atheists who say things like "theology is stupid", even they don't know anything about it. And, another thing: Who gives one rat's rear end about Dan Barker. He is a total moron!!!"Quote

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Barker is not very bright. that guy's criticism, while it has some resemble to truth is unfair and overstated.I've admitted that I'm wrong on occasion a lot. they never notice. they never Christians credit for being right so they assume we would never admit when we are wrong.

yonose said...

Hello everyone,

Is it not a clear tendency among groupies --as in this particular case, closed-minded atheist scientismists-- to blatantly confuse, mislead, lie, libel, and keep themselves ignorant of a broad range of subjects, including the basic distinction between epistemology and ontology???

To think of it, I always see so curiously, why even some philosophers from the school of analytic philosophy fail to consider the metaphysical claims regarding the origin of so many fundamental things in philosophical thought... even something as technically important as the use of eschatology, dismissing it as if it were only a work made by fundies.

Reductionist materialist thought should be called for what it is, a self-defeating worldview. Unfortunately, the problem is partially within academia. Analytic Philosophy, Physics, and Engineering from a physical standpoint are in crisis; in engineering, principally because of the lack of sustainability from energy generation.

Closed-minded materialism when permeates in a position of power, in the same way as a fundie creates a theocratic dictatorship, is really harmful to the overall understanding of humanities footprint in this universe.

Kind Regards.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you said a lot there man. they are very closed minded. they refuse to even consider possibilities.