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Four Frankinstine's Deny Their Monster:Christiepher Hitches set up violent conflict and De-Humanized Chrsitians

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It's so amusing how blind atheists are to their own mysterious course. The atheist leaders are truly clueless. Look at them conversing in a public setting, how unaware of what's going on among their rank and file they are. But what's even more so is the mixed signals they send and how unaware they are of sending them. This is on Richard Dawkins Foundation.

[CH] Christopher Hitchens
[DD] Daniel Dennett
[RD] Richard Dawkins
[SH] Sam Harris

[RD] One of the things we’ve all met is the accusation that we are strident or arrogant, or vitriolic, or shrill. What do we think about that?

[DD] Hah! Yeah, well I’m amused by it, because I went out of my way in my book to address reasonable religious people. And I test-flew the draft with groups of students who were deeply religious. And indeed, the first draft incurred some real anguish. And so I made adjustments and made adjustments. And it didn’t do any good in the end because I still got hammered for being for being rude and aggressive. And I came to realise that it’s a no-win situation. It’s a mug’s game. The religions have contrived to make it impossible to disagree with them critically without being rude.

[RD] Without being rude.

[DD] You know, they sort of play the hurt feelings card at every opportunity, and faced with a choice of, well, am I gonna be rude or am I going to articulate this criticism? I mean, am I going to articulate it, or am I just gonna button my lip?[1]

 Without being rude! They think they are being so fair not huring anyone. At the same time they giving off messages like that by Dawkins:

 "mock them, ridicule them! In public" (laughter form audience--applause)...."they need to be ridiculed in contempt."

I'm told that the context is to mock and ridicule people who are not stormily committed. I don't see how that makes it any better. They are still using coercion and extortion to force people into a position they don't want to be in. the seek to destroy the faith fo the fragile and the week and struggling to bleieve. They think that's fair game but of course if we went after the lonely isolated kids who are hovering on the edge of the atheist movement as a means social acceptance, they would say we are being unfair.

Take a wider look at the movement they started we see it running way off away from them. While they are isolated in their Ivory towers they don't understand what's going on we see the movement they spawned taking the message to reducible pretty literally. Just look back at my article on Boghossian's call to eradicate the Mind Virus. Which includes a complete plan for living that centers around making faith in God into a certifiable symptom of mental illness and a relentless "in your face" persecution of Chrsitians. "Stigmatize faith-based claims like racist claims. He argues we should deploy the models of the civil rights and the women's rights movements. Basically it should be politically incorrect to argue something based on faith. He aptly quotes Sam Harris here: "People who harbor strong convictions without evidence belong at the margins of society." [2] See my article "atheists use ridicule as brain Washing."

 Yesterday I talked about the perception that criticism and mockery is often considered going negative. Today I want to talk about the value of criticism and mockery. Quite simply, it is how we learn.
When presented with an idea (good or bad) we have to think about the idea. Sometimes we don’t do that or we don’t think deeply enough about the idea. This is where someone else comes along and points out why the idea is poor by criticizing the idea. Their criticism may or may not have merit, but at least now we can think about those criticisms.
Sometimes however, ideas become deeply held beliefs and regardless of how valid the criticism might be, we still reject that criticism and cling to the belief. We might even insist that the belief be taken seriously and believed by others on insufficient reasoning and/or evidence.
This is where mockery comes in. When people refuse to take our deeply held beliefs seriously, we might dig in deeper in trying to get people to take our beliefs seriously. The more people mock the belief, the more we are confronted with the criticisms of the belief and he more we must try to deal with those criticism if we still expect our beliefs to be taken seriously.
Mockery is withheld as a last form of criticism for those who refuse to have their ideas criticized. It is more dismissive of the idea and usually only comes in when the particular idea is really ridiculous and worth mockery. It is a message that, “hey, your idea has way too many criticisms and is just so ridiculous that is really isn’t worth taking seriously at all.”[3]
 Free-man's Perspective:
 Every time I write an article that mentions god – even if used as a descriptive reference to “the gods” – I get insulting and arrogant comments from atheists. And it’s not just me; you can see the same thing all over the Internet.
To put it simply, these people are bullies, striking unbidden with fast, hard blows. It’s not about truth; it’s about dominance.[4]

 There's no way to connect Radical actions to the ideas advocated by the gentry in the Ivory tower. The seed can be planted here and there who knows what waters it. When it springs into a poison plant who is to blame? Yet there has to be some connection with the movement that planted the seed.

 Self described militant atheist beat up a preacher recently in Ohio. The preacher asked his girl friend in front of him if he was abusing her. We can just write that off because the preacher did something to precipitate an incident that might have no connection with atheism. [5] That's a good way to rationalize it. Would he have done it if atheists had never been putting out the message that coercion is ok? Or the message that religious people are fair game for coercion?


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