Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Atheists sink to new record depth of Stupidity. film now

Hey this BT guy really is one of the stupidest people I've ever dealt with. I know that's uncharitable but given their bullying attitude, he has one too, I think it's called for to that say so. Now he's actually admitting he doesn't' know what begging the question means, but he's still convinced I'm doing it!

here's where he finally admits he doesn't know what ciruclar reasoning is:

first of all begging the question is a form of circular reasoning. If he is begging the question he's reasonnig in a circle. You are begging the question when you assert the position you are defending as a means of proving thta popstion. So when he says "I know God doesnt' exist because God is imaginary" he's just saying I know there's no God becuase there's no God.

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What is the circle?
See if you can present my position accurately. It shouldn't be hard.
 It's quite a challenge but I'll tyr to bear up. I take this to be  frank admission that he doesn't' know what ciruclar reasoning is.
It only took like 30 posts to get you to even wonder what it is.

again, (I said it every single time I made the charge I've expalined it)

circular is when you put the conclusion in the place of the premise. you reason form your conclusion that means you don't try to prove it you just assert as though it's already proven.

In argument we reason from premise to conclusion. we say "My premise is X from this i learn Y."

for example premise "a loving god would not allow pain and evil."

that's the premise now we reason about it:

"yet we have evil int he world."

then we draw a conclusion

"thus the conclusion I draw from this is that there is not a loving God."

you are not doing that. you start with the last part "there is no loing God" you just assume it's the case you don't try to prove it or defend or show how you know it's true.

(1) how do you know there is no God?

(2) how do you know the stuff I've talked about is not proof?

all you so is say my stuff is circular but you know it's not. you didn't know what that was so it wasn't a real charge.

you have no valid argument against my views. you have not defended your own.

I can't believe he says this but he does. this is copying his words:

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Sure, my conclusion IS NOT there is no God. My conclusion is that your God is (must be based on your failure to demonstrate otherwise) imaginary.

that's the same thing genius. the only reason God could possibly be imaginary is if he's not real. So saying that is just another way of saying "there is no God."


Whatever "God talk" is, is question begging (for example). 
whatever it is hu? You don't even know what it is but whatever it is it's gotta be question begging right? why? If you don't know what it is how do you know that?

(not knowing what God talk is just supreme stupidity--that's the phrase the use in philosophy proving he's never read any).

He's just miroring what I say aping it. that's proved in the next brilliant witticism he utters:


Also, your arguments rely on your position that "God must exist". -Which is also question begging.

since you don't know what begging the question is how do you know that? you are just aping back things I"ve said without knowing what they mean.

 He doesn't know what it is but whatever it is I'm doing it.

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