Friday, October 25, 2013

Atheists say the Dardnest things.

 Darth Pringle does it today on CARM. One of his usually silly arguments trying to parody the modal arguent but really takes to the limit.

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P1. If something was not created by God then it can be moral (negation of original P1).
P2. I was not created by God (assumed for argument).
C. Therefore, I can be moral.

This now opens up the possibility of contingent beings being moral in the absence of God. The only way out of that is to negate P1 but that leaves you with my argument in the OP.
ahahaahah, what the hell makes you think you were not created by God? what makes you think there's anything that wasn't other than God?

Just becuase something not created by God could be moral doesn't follow that anything not created by God could be moral.

you got another problem. you were created by God. there is nothing other than God that wasn't. that's another thing that's absurd about p1

You really must tell me about your thought process that leads to these silly ideas. I know you are no dumb ***. So why do you do this? Is it all making fun?

that was so ridiculous he actually forgot everything is by God.

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No, I haven’t created any gods. I merely remind you that the Christian God is an “omni” God and is not subject to human limitations as you would paint Him.

you don't even know what that means do you? I just told you what it means try use your head. I said he word for omnipotent (that's where omni comes frm get it) is not about power but jurisdiction.

you are assuming what atheists have told Christianity is about is really it, it's not. they lie. atheists are liars.
This is what comes of saying "I don't have to read theology because it's stupid." They don't read it so they don't know what it says.

Harry C:
Never said He did. That is your strawman. Bible God is omnipotent, omniscient, and GOOD. Therefore He would not be limited to the “greater” good as a human with human limitations would be. Rather He would always be capable of the GREATEST good.
do you not speak English listen up. what the atheists told you is wrong. The bible does not say God can do contradictory nonsense. get it?

omnipotent doesn't mean "do anything." I'm sitting telling you why ou are wrong you are repeating the same BS I just told you is wrong.

Harry C
So you are saying that with God all things are not possible and He has human limitations. Sounds like a demotion from omni status to human. 

why are the only two choices "do anything" vs. human limitations? His only limitation is logical impossibility. You and I should be so lucky.

 Did you get that? I told him what omnipotent means and he say "NO God omni max." He doesn't even know apparently that "omni max" means omnipotent. He thinks that's the real term "omni max." that's not a theological term it's an atheist short hand.

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