Friday, March 22, 2013

Instructive exmple of athiest ideology used as propganda to evoke the reducitionist ploy

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The human brain like that of other mammals is composed of cells that are capable of directing a body. It functions so as to keep the organism alive and see to it that it reproduces or insures that related members which share its DNA will survive and reproduce. It accomplishes this through instincts coupled with emotions. We are all familiar with those basic instincts that we share with other mammals.

Fear, anger, love are all emotions that are shared by most if not all social mammals and are part of the brain. Humans are a bit more complicated in that they form complex social and cooperative relationships necessary for survival. In addition, they are born in an immature state and require years of nurturing in order to successfully reach reproductive age. Again, those emotions related to love and empathy are paramount in this activity. We love our offspring and our parents. This is biological and can be observed in the behavior of other mammals. We even share altruistic tendencies where an adult will put itself in danger to protect offspring. There are many examples of other animals that do this.

Knowing what we know about humans and human social behavior how is it that Gods also exhibit many of these exact emotions and behavioral characteristics? In general Gods are not social and do not posses an organic brain designed with emotions for its survival. They are immortal. Why would they “love”, support or nurture anything?

So why do we find in Gods the same instincts found in biological organisms? Gods can be angry, jealous, selfish, and loving of their offspring. Can anybody explain why a god that needs nothing, is non social, can create an entire universe out of thin air, is all powerful, all knowing, and exists outside of time would share any animal instincts with humans and other animals? Is God an animal with an animal brain that is responsible for survival and reproduction of a species?

This is just another one of those cases where the atheist is trying to evoke atheist ideology as though it's an epistemological gate keeping exercise. If you can't meet our criteria then you fail the knowledge test, like not knowing baic math or something.It's nothing more than a propaganda device. there's no reason why we should have to meet that criteria becuase its' not part of our theory of knowledge,. God is not given in sense data so he can't be subject to scientific scrutiny. All you are saying is "I want to put God over here in a category I can deal with." that's the basic ploy of reductionism. reduce all knowledge the one I can control.
 ,,,,Of course God is portrayed by humans as having human-like qualities becuase how else could we relate to God? How are we going to relate to something that's beyond our understanding? We are always looking for patterns that we can understand and that make sense to us. That's what science does. No scientist says "the universe is beyond our understanding, we are just imposing the patters we want to see so that we can pick out and that make sense but in reality there is no sense to be made." Even scientific schools that go far enough as to say there are no rational pattern, we impose the pattern don't say, "therefore we can't understand the universe so let's forget scinece."
.....God is beyond our understanding, but we have to speak of the divine because we are verbal and social animals. So we bridge the gap between known and unknown by drawing analogies to what we know. We know the father figure so we see God as a father. We know from experiencing God's presence there is some point of contact there.

I have no need of that hypothesis


JBsptfn said...

If that was on CARM, that place must be a hoot for you. You have Matt Slick running that board, who sounds like a tyrant from what I heard about him, and you have all of these moronic Atheists making strawmen about God.

The epic fail meter probably goes through the roof on a daily basis.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that's about the size of it. there are a couple of bright people on both sides and every so often you get a good discussion. you have wade through mounds of crap to get to it.