Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An instructive observation about Athiest Indorctirnation.

How do they indoctrinate? Many atheists have said to me "when did they shine a light in my face and and beat me with a rubber hose?" That's not how you brain wash people. "Brain washing" is nothing more than socialization. So to indoctrinate they just expose their people to a plethora of very ordinary seeming posts on message boards. You would look at this and say it's just a regular post. That's the point. It's socializing them into the guild. take a lesson:

Some Christians hate skepticism for the same reason that Scientologists, tea leaf readers, ghost whisperers and common-or-garden con men hate it - these people need marks, rubes, bumpkins, to survive and prosper.

Some Christians like to say of skepticism, "oh, but if you doubt what I have to say, then you have to be skeptical of everything! You have to be skeptical of other minds, the external world, the consistency of nature, and so many other things! So I guess you don't like skepticism anymore, right? Right?" [nodding at you, looking a little too eager]

This is not learned philosophical concern with high minded questions of epistemology. This is the low tactic of defending indefensible ideas by attempting to undermine critical thinking.
 The rest of the posts are lauding skepticism as noble and Superior attitude.

 I regard skepticism as a very healthy attitude. It tends to innoculate one against irrational and/or extreme beliefs. My own skepticism has shaped and continues to shape my own Christian beliefs.
 Logical bob

 In terms of etymology, skeptical means seeking or inquiring. It's the opposite of dogmatic. A term to be proud of.
 Also tehy disparage Christian attitudes.

 Originally Posted by Decypher View Post
Everyone is a religious skeptic in a sense. Including Christians. No one believes all the religion out there!

And as it happens, quite a few Christians will get actively involved in religious skepticism and try to argue against other religions.
But be skeptical of Christianity... well that's not allowed and makes you a "god hater"!!
Yes, there's certainly an element of hypocrisy there... I've compared Scientology to Christianity before, and to me their claims are equally bizarre though of course Scientology was birthed recently so we still have a good idea how the sausage was made, so to speak. In any case, in my experience Christians are ready to dismiss Scientology on the prima facie basis that it's obviously ridiculous, and I agree. But if they held the absurd bend-over-backwards good will towards Scientology that the typical Christian apologist holds towards Christianity, and examined Christianity with the skepticism they reserve for Scientology (and Islam, and Mormonism), you'd see them dropping their Bibles and picking up copies of Dianetics.
 This is simple in-gathering. They are telling the troops "here's the attitude to have." We are on the right side, who ray for our side. we are noble, our enemies are bad. It's all very ordinary but they get everyone expressing their view that I' am part of he group, I want to be accepted. I know the right things to say too. Let's talk about why atheist hate reason, and critical thinking? O know they think they love it utnil you use it to disprove atheism.

yesterday on this board an atheist actually said to me that people can't answer my arguments becuase they are bad arguments. that's obviously backwards to reason. It's the one's can't answer that are god nd prove their points.

this is just more self congratulatory in-gathering of the troops.

we are good, we are worthy, dont' give up the ship. take heart heart comrades we are on the noble side.

 Christian poster Highrigger had a good counter:

 This is false to the core. Christians should be the most skeptical of all. In fact their religion demands it. We should be skeptical about if we believe properly, or behave properly, or think properly and we are expected to change accordingly every day of our lives.

To Repent means to be skeptical about oneself and make a change in ones life. Here is Martin Luthers #1 Thesis in his 95.

1. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when He said Poenitentiam agite, willed
that the whole life of believers should be repentance.

When you can repent like Luther recommends you can criticize christians. Otherwise learn what repentance means and why it is the constant duty of christians. We worship a God of truth and can never accept any less for ourselves.

These comments are not too outrageous and it's not wrong for them to encourage each other. Yet there is a process of indoctrination going on here we need to learn to see it.


JBsptfn said...

The majority of these people you encounter on CARM may be reasonable by themselves.

However, when they get together on these and similar message boards, they like to rail against their common enemy(God and Christianity) using any means necessary, even if it involves lies.

An example is what they said about your God arguments(that they can't answer them because they are bad). That is just a silly and ignorant objection.

Metacrock said...

I agree with you. that was silly. I always find myself wishing I could have a good discussion over there but it seldom is.