Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Mob Rule Factor

An illiterate atheist, in fact one of the idiots who was involved in the plot to make it seem that I don't anything about Tillich, put up a post about the Paul study trying t make it seem that there's this vast correlation between good countries like Sweden where they take care of people and being an atheist. I put up a bunch of my stuff about the problems of the Paul study.

One thing led to another and the original poster, Sylar, began name calling and riduicling me: He follows a strategy he and his friends started during the Tillich thing when I really showed tehm up and they had nothing left to argue:

Saylar: Meta, the grownups are talking. Go back to the kiddie table.

They have been saying that any time I post something that has any intelligence to it. I put up the link to my stuff on Zuckerman and talked bout what's wrong with his data and he said that. I was P.Oed so I said:


 sorry Buckwheat that line wont work, now that a real professorially trained social scientist (me) is here. you armatures are going to have to shut up. someone who has been trained at the Ph.D. level is telling you are atheist ideology and propaganda is a bunch of BS.

You understand BS? giviing it too much credit I should say chicken ****.

 typical school boy, school yard bully stuff.
 antoher litlte solider of Dawkins comes into it:

 You are not a trained social scientist. You have a masters in theology and you could not even complete a PHD, that qualifies you to ask three big questions 1) Why are we here? 2) Who made us? 3) Would I like my latte to go?

Social scientist do actual research.


 boy are you ignorant. Not completing a Ph.D. doesn't mean you are not trained. The training doesn't just hover over your head until you get hte paper, ti's in there. I did everything required to get the Ph.D. except the last thing. All the course work, conferences, papers, publications it's all training and got all of it.

My Ph.D. was in history of ideas which is a social scinece, my BA was in sociology.

hey what did you do Ph.D. work in?

It does not show, I actually thought that you were a theologian, you know the spelling, the disjointed ideas, your disability and the RED CAPS!

 Brilliant hu? Goes right for the Dyslexia becuase he knows he can't take me on on equal terms and talk about social scineces. They always do that. Then I'm feeding the troll by now because I'm pissed.


trying to imply that spelling is part of intelligence shows that you don't know what intelligence is. spelling is not an intelligence issue. MY IQ 42 what the hell is yours is it higher than your shoe size?

I notice that you don't use social science parameters as the basis of your ridicule that would becasue YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT DO YOU?

 Oh I see that you have a masters in theology. It really shows.

 shows what?If you had any really understanding you would know that theological training takes great intelligence and theolgoians are brilliant and it takes brains to be one. you can't read any of the threads we've done on Tillich and tell me you undersatnd anything that's being said.k

go back to your little troll board where other middle school kids are waiting to talk about who is dating whom in eight grad. we don't need little kids wandering in here who couldn't hold up their end of an intellectual conversational with a ninth greyer.

Dawkins realized that Christianity spread among the slaves and lower classes. so he theorized that what made it work was the more zeal than brains factor. then he raised up an argument of illiterate know nothing scum bags to invade the net and mock and ridicule Christan and conduct virtual lynchings of people much more intelligent then they are.

the new standard of course has it that if you know theology you are stupid. theology is stupid to know about makes you stupid, regardless how much brains it takes to undersatnd it.

you can't undersatnd it. you don't have what it takes and you never will. Your job as a solider for Dawkins to ridicule people who are smarter than you and help crate the mode rule factor.

Theology is really stupid. if you know theology you are really an idiot. I think anyone who read the theological stuff I post a few days abot about Tillich can see that it takes it take a fine education to be a theologian. you don''t  get a fine education by being an dumb ass most of these atheists don't have educations so they have no way of knowing. We all know Theology is an academic discipline that means its an intellectual subject and one must be an intellectual to excel at it. Only idiots don't know this.

 no these are not brilliant answers on my part this is not a significant exchange it's a third grade school boys waste of time. That's what the atheist movement thieves on. I think I have it right that Dawkins helped set this in motion becasue he feels Christianity made it by capitalizing upon the slave class ignronatce. that's probably true in the early histoyr. We also know form the martyerologies that they had a  lot upper class people too.

What's relevant is that these guys are still doing their tricks. Message boards are just the dumping ground for ingornace and stupidity. Many of the behaviors these people exhibit show the same totalitarian propaganda I've spotted all along. Vilifying the other side to the point that knowing theology proficiently is a sign of stupidity and a liability so that the atheist never has to be faced with the fact that he's full of it and his objections the faith are based upon ignorance.

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