Friday, January 25, 2013

It just gets worse and worse

 Remember last time I talked about how the idiots on carm said I was stupid for liking theology. Like a fool I fed the trolls and angered by their ridicule I informed them that m y IQ is 142. Unfortunate my finger don't move as fast as my big mouth so I typed "42." Of cousre you can imagine what they have done with that. I tried to slouph it off at firt by using the hitcher hikers guide joke about 42. this is too good for them to let go. Then i got angry and said I wanted to give them a number they could count to. then they began saying things like this:


Hmm, did you read the post that held the quote in the OP? It appears that metacock was trying to boast about his intelligence, whilst insulting frikki and his intelligence. Tell me, do you consider metacrock to be a jackhole too? If not, why not? where's the difference in behaviours?
 The other guys says "you are stupid for liking theology" but I'm boasting because I say I'm not stupid?

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that's ridiculously silly. IN this day and age to know nothing at all about dyslexia is stupid. to know about it and still write it off as laziness is inexcusable.

who is being lazy now? not to know anything about such a widely used concept.
shut your face. my sister has it. she struggles with it too. however, she takes her time and you cannot even tell. what is your excuse? the only reason i'm calling you out on this is that you boast so much about how much better you are than everyone else - when in fact, you're just an angry, lazy slob. you have such low self esteem that you spend your days here talking down to people, picking fights and playing the victim. wow, what a life you've created for yourself. No job, no kids, no wife ... where is the transformation in your life? if you're an example of what RE/ME can achieve, color me underwhelmed.


 "shut your face?" taking the high road of reason I see.

here's the problem genius, I made a typo and left out the 1 in 142. they were implying that I'm stupid to like theology so I did the logical thing. I showed that I'm proved not to be stupid by the official way what intelligence is detriment in our modern society. like it or not that's the way it is.

anyone who thinks that a typo is a reliable guide to ether intelligence or industry is an absolute fool. Just as anyone who think knowing theology is a sign of being stupid is a jackass.


 There's an automatic spell checker in every major browser. So, yeah, it does come down to lazy or stupid.

Its' numbers! the typo was 42 rather than 140. you have a spell check that would know to score that? what a stupid thing to say.

Drug star

he gives a link to the following:

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes.[1]
Actual competence may weaken self-confidence, as competent individuals may falsely assume that others have an equivalent understanding. David Dunning and Justin Kruger conclude, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others".[2]
It says "unskilled." This form of problem strikes those who are "unskilled." I have a feeling this guy wrote that himself (it's on wiki) and  he really means "undegreed" but it says unskilled. It's so ironic he doesn't even consider that it might be that he's the unskilled and I"m the competent one that has upset him. so Listed a few of my skills:

Ph.D. level work in history of ideas
Masters in theology
type 40 words a minute
play recorder (flute not tape)
draw real well and illustrated children's book
I can read
published academic journal
I know study methodology really well
I've written 3 books
debated in NFL and college (won 70%)
in youth played defensive tackle

It keeps on this way. I made a foolish typo and they treat it like a federal crime. Maybe they are all suffering form that deal.


JBsptfn said...

What did you say? You debated people on the NFL? Where?

Metacrock said...

National foresnic league, commonly know as "highschool debate." In my day that's all there was, apart form UIL. UIL is a Texas thing. I was highschool in Dallas in the early 70s.

Metacrock said...

I was in debate in 73-74 for the Guaranteed annual income topic (in Texas we also had an employment topic). Then 74-75 for the presidential candidate selection topic

JBsptfn said...

That's cool. We were in San Antonio around that time(I was born there), and then we moved to PA in 1975.

As for the Atheists, I just try to pray for them at this point. That's all you can do. Pray for that Gerald Woerlee and others like him who have a clear disdain for God and Jesus.