Monday, November 26, 2012

The Atheist Propagadna Merchant: Always Inflating the Numbers

The propaganda merchant doesn't care what's true. the Propagandist cares only what impression he leaves in your head. Oliver North said i best, "there is no reality there is only appearance." The sick cynical findings of an ultra right wing activist are echoes by atheists in the New Atheist mentality.

there are a lot examples but one that pertains to this board is the way the joke about atheism rising is continually rebuffed yet they keep trying tp pass to off as hot news flash. When dig below the surface to see where the figures come form they all come orm the 2007 pew study which found 1.6% of the country is atheist.

here are the results of the digging.


yet despite the fact that I've shown the same stuff on this board a number of times where Jag tell the same story over and over again.

the lie atheism is increasing 19%. It is not at 19%, that's 19% of 5% that 5% is not atheism they are people who don't believe God but don't only 19% of them call themselves atheist. In all the time I've been doing this message board apologetic stuff atheism hasn't gone up a single point.

yet here is Jag still telling people the same old story. I'm not saying he's lying, but he's telling a falsehood which is based on a lie even through he may unwilling to believe it is.

post 19

Originally Posted by NewJagella View Post post no 18
Let's look at the numbers. According to The Huffington Post:

(Emphasis Mine)

I'd say that proves my point.

Where did you get your own data?

Jagella--Former Christian 
It's also not true that percentage of "religious Americans" dropped to 60%. no way. 90% still say they believe in God. Christianity is still in high 70s if not 80s that's from Pew. Same source that his figures ultimately come from.
he says it a second time in the same thread.

Jag post 13 same thread
You may wish to visit my Atheism is growing in America! thread to answer your questions. You may also wish to check out a recent article about the effect rising secularism is having on American culture. I reproduce part of that article here for my emphasis and your convenience.

both sources he names, Huffington and the other one are based upon the same article that ultimately lead back to the Pew study.


Metacrock said...

man o man are we going to have fun tomorrow. There's a thread brewing at CARM in response to this post there they lie themselves in deeper and really almost admit they don't care about truth. We'll see.

JBsptfn said...

More fun with those dullards, eh?

Metacrock said...

It doesn't seem possible to get any more fun but just wait.