Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a quick post because it's amusing: What's so Funny about Atheism?

from Nomail a Christian on CARM

Originally Posted by noemail001 View Post Where shall I start... hmmm... Maybe I could start with all the times on OTHER forums -- NOT CARM of course -- where I have observed stuff like revising reality. Take, for example, the hilarity I see when some of those atheists claim to hate hate-speech and then tell how much they hate religion, hate religious folks, hate customers of Chick-Fil-A, hate the Bible, hate believers in the Bible, hate churches, etc... I find that hilarious.

Oh, and then there are those funnies -- NOT on CARM of course -- who claim to love empirical evidence. Then they claim that everything was spontaneously created by nothing. I LOVE that fantastic joke of theirs.

I love this one too. They claim to be grounded in history. Hahahahahahaha! Then their most brilliant heroes twist and revise history and spontaneously create strawmen from their twistings and distortions!

One kind of joke similar to the others above is when they speak for their opposition. They claim lies and libels against the positions stated by their opponents and then pretend they pummeled that false position. On those other websites -- not CARM of course -- those happy revisionists, those lying & libelous atheists, those sodomite-and-child-pornography-&-pederast-promoters, are entitled to fantasize that their opposition agrees with them! How funny is that? Very funny.

I've got to run now

If I find time I'll post some more funnies from that other side of the tracks -- NOT CARM, of course.

In the meantime, just to let you peeps know, I put some jokesters on Ignore. Why? Because they are way too funny -- they crack way more jokes than I have time for.


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