Thursday, August 9, 2012

Atheists Lauch Effective Scam Against Atheistwatch

this site is being attacked by an organized effort of atheist to drive it out of business. This is made known to me by a poster on the other blog, Dave.

This site now has a very low rating on the WOT (Web of Trust) browser ad on. Those who have the add-on are warned that it is rated as untrustworthy and asked if they still want to visit. Link
Looking up "wot" they have mostly stuff on detecting mal ware but they do some ratings on content. I also find most the way ratings are given is through members of their thing who vote on sites or report sites. So if we want a good rating, we organize a bunch of apologists to going wot and send in good ratings then we get the rating up.

There's no way to know if they actually go to the site and say "this is not good." Or do they just take their members word? did they actually look up the research I presented in the articles? there's no way to know. We know that atheist organize attacks. they organize to give books on Amazon low marks even thought hey didn't read them. They organize to have hundreds of roles on "read it' say "my site is stupid even they have no idea what they are talking about.

So they had a bunch of member join wot and give the site low ratings. Does that prove anything?

It prove atheists can organize and that they are vicious. It's nothing than a high class form of intimidation.

here's their page where they get the link to look at Atheist watch and see the rating on WOT.

they have their guys join WOT then give AW a low rating. wow that's a scame of their own. there's no way to know they are actually checking the research.

Join WOT and give it a good rating.

the rating for something called "vendor reliability." what does that mean? It means atheists organized a bunch of trolls to lie and say that I don't' know nothing.

here's an example o their extortion. they have a part where the site own cancer the 'charge' they are a bunch of vigilantes. but you have to join to say something to them. It's just a way to force people to join their group.

the organized atheist hate group are a gang of thugs they will stop at nothing.

WOt may be a fine thing but it looks like it's something a group could orchastrate. you can effect your site's rating when you join.

Your website's reputation rating is based on ratings from the WOT community, which tells you how much other users trust your site. A website's technical safety is an important factor when determining its trustworthiness. However, it is also a valid reason to rate a site poorly if you do not trust the content or organization behind a website. We provide our users rating guidelines, but in the end it is up to every person to decide what they consider trustworthy.

If you disagree with the rating or comments, we encourage you to do the following things:

  • Rate the site and write your own comment on the scorecard. Explain that you are the owner or employee of the company and why your service is trustworthy.
  • You can also ask your friends and customers to rate the site. In order to rate sites you need the WOT add-on. To comment on scorecards and post on our forum, registration is required.
  • Contact community members through their boards on the profile page and ask them to review or explain their comment and rating. You have to be logged in to do this.
  • Open a forum thread and ask our active members to review the site too. The more ratings your site has, the more accurate the reputation rating will be.
  • To be sure nothing is wrong, check if your website has been blacklisted by Google with a free scan from StopTheHacker

they claim this:

"WOT reputations are calculated based on a sophisticated algorithm that effectively detects manipulation. Keep in mind that reputations cannot be bought, they have to be earned! If you suspect unusual activity, please report it.

Note: Comments are purely informational and have no effect on the reputation. We do not remove comments unless they contain spam, profanities or clearly illegal material."

they also say it's up the to the individual to determine what they trust so what are they really rating? the rating is given based upon members so if they have a group of five atheists as members they can just rate the sight badly and it will have that rating.

then if that's true why do they give tips?


Anonymous said...

I just put up a link on my blog to this post to get my readers to help you out too

Metacrock said...

Hey thanks man. I think that site is really unfair. It's just designed to blackmail people in joining.

JBsptfn said...

I rated you great on that WOT site. Your site needs to stay up. It is wonderful.

Metacrock said...

thanks I really appreciate it. I am trying to move more from quoting individuals to showing what their group leaders say.

what really gets me is they make you join their thing before you can defend yourself.

JBsptfn said...

I know. I hate a lot of these websites.

What really is annoying is when you have to create a username and password just to file a job application online. You should only have to do that if you know you would need more time.

Metacrock said...

yea that sux too. I know you have to do that so much.; there's probably some central thing you can plug into to keep a user name and password for the whole net. you have to sign up for it.

Metacrock said...

what i hate is that WOT thing is supposed to be about mal ware. if a site gives you malware. becuase they include content,I'm sure they mean like if it's hate speech or porno.

atheists will abuse anything,some of them will.

yonose said...


I know this is a week late:

Radical people are everywhere and most of the time is not for good reasons.

Atheism, in the form of a sectarian movement, is dangerous.

Having a safe website is quite difficult if you ask me. More so, when there are atheists and skeptics who have a political agenda. WOT is not reliable at all as a metric, to be confident about the supposed safety by surfing to a determinate website. Even my half baked website has some inaccurate ratings.

I never trust add-ons which are deeming sites safe or not because of mere public opinion. I don't mean that people are incapable to know because of having a different profession or expertise area, but public opinion ,as a whole, tends to be rather inaccurate, when refering to such kinds of polls and processes. As I would say in my native language: "El internet se presta para todo".

Regarding your site, keep going. Here's good info. Suppression of such, obviously means a totalitarian agenda in progress.

Kind Regards.

Metacrock said...

Yonose I thank you for your kind words. I am curious as to what language that is.

yonose said...

A latinamerican twist of spanish!