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Atheist "Ridicule Artists" Slander Real Scholar

Fora about five years now I've been trying to these illiterate anti-intellectual atheists to notice the huge body of scientific empirical work on religious experience. The major figure in that field is Ralph Hood, professor of psychology at University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Hood invented a research tool called "The M scale" (mysticism scale) that enables one to determine if a real mystical experience has been had or not. That's real important if you want to study religous experince beuase you have to know if you have the real deal or not.The illiterate mocking atheist trolls have been incensed about the concept of Hood all this time. They can't accept the fact that a "real scientist" wouldn't' be like Dawkins and make fun of religious people but would actually study them objectively.

Their logic is impeccable

atheism is againt realign

scinece is against religion (it's not)

so atheism is science.

so any "real scientist" will mock and ridicule religious people instead of study them.

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[QUOTE=Marty Hamrick;3109634]Of course not, Meta, this isn't a library or a theology class. You need to be more concise.[/quote]

no you need to be more intelligent. if you deem to mock and ridicule other people's faith you have a responsibility to be through and to consider the answers are damning other people.atheism is based on selfish monstrosities. so you are influencing others to go to hell and spend eternity without god just so you can ease your fear a bit for a while. that is mysteriously selfish you owe them the attention to truth and honesty that you are not willing to give.

[QUOTE]No one here is going to read and entire book and do a dissertation.[/QUOTE]

I read 200 studies. if you want to say blanket like you do "these are all bad,they a re horrible they suck they are not good" you certainly owe to it the people you are deceiving to learn the facts!

another troll helping the atheist brain wash people. this proves you are not serious.

what a silly fallacious excuse. It's too long. getting the answers is too much trouble.

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Deist;3109945]If he had it, he'd give it. All this dancing and prancing around and feigned upset is to mask the fact that he has nothing. A childish third grade type M Scale, and "200" articles by obscure nobodies.

of course you want to say such things knowing absolutely nothing at all about it. you wont even read a single comment of anyone I quote saying it's good. you want to whine about how stupid but you have no way knowing anything about it when I put the evidence in front of your illiterate face you refuse to read and see that you are wrong.

MFFJM2;3110396]The "M-scale" is a joke. Asking these kinds of leading and ambiguous questions, failing to explain the terms involved, using only agree/disagree instead of a scale (always, usually, sometimes, seldom, never) will always provide a worthless set of data points. Any researcher worth his salt would instantly recognize this so called "test" as just a blatant attempt to provide emipirical evidence using confirmation bias.

"I have never had an experience in which I felt myself to be absorbed as one with all things."

If reading these questions didn't get you smiling, you lack a sense of humor or have been drinking the kool-aide.
those are feelings that mystics have. those are testaments mystics have made. so how can you know if had a mystical experience if you got ask "have you ever had this?" How desne can you possibility be?
Michael E. Neilsen
Georgia Southern University
Feb, 2000
Psychology of Religion in USA

"Ralph Hood (1998), a major figure in American psychology of religion, suggests six psychological schools of thought regarding religion. The psychoanalytical schools draw from the work of Freud, and attempt to reveal unconscious motives for religious belief."

Not only have I explained explained several times why that's wrong, but I show you a whole chapter on why it' that way you refuse to read it because you don't assures. it front of your face to know why you are wrong you refuse to even consider looking. that's a true know nothing. I put quotes form experts right on th board saying "the M scale is not a Joke its a really great thing" you don't even read them. That's just true troll behavior.

you are a know nothing you know you are a know nothing.\

They really out do themselves on this one. See them actually Slander Hood. this guy acutally attacks the way he dresses. Forget that he's recognized as the great scholar of his field. he dresses funny.

Originally Posted by Metacrock View Post
you are just admitting that you are a troll. All you are saying is that you are not able to objectively evaluate the evidence. yu don't care about the studies. you just have it in for anyone religious.

until you make a real substantive post talking about the issue it will be apparent you are a troll I will not talk to you.

You are expecting your bigotry and hatred of religion to be taken as the valid position to start from. that's begging the question. you have not proved anything about religion you just demand that we all hate it with you.

until you make a reason argument I will not talk to trolls
From an article online by Andrea Perkins,

Originally Posted by Deist View Post

I did my homework and found out that the country’s leading researcher and court appointed expert on serpent-handling sects lives in Chattanooga, where he teaches at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Ralph Hood is originally from California, though with his long white beard and predilection for denim, he says he always gets mistaken for a hillbilly.
"There is little or no difference between a fundamentalist in Bali and one in Tennessee," he said one morning from a green leather arm chair that looked like a toad stool that had sprouted up among the piles of books and papers in his cluttered office.

"One just happens to take up snakes?" I said.

"Serpents," he corrected. "They prefer the term serpents, because snakes are not poisonous. Serpents are."

When someone does dies of snake bite, it means that he or she must not have been "anointed" by the spirit to do so. Handlers don’t believe that you should just go around picking up poisonous snakes any old time. Only when the spirit "moves on you" should you express and rejoice in your faith in this way.
Hood likes to film serpent-handling meetings. He has amassed a sizable library of such tapes, including old super 8 footage of services in the fifties. Hood said the serpent handlers liked and trusted him because he didn’t patronize them, or treat them like precious oddities. For him, they were no stranger then anyone else who decides to take something literally. In fact, he seemed to admire their gumption.

"You’ve got to be awed by that kind of faith," he said. "That kind of commitment to faith. For them, there is only the supremacy of The Word. And The Word is law. These people would sacrifice their lives for the word of god. The thing that people don’t understand is that it is completely rational. These people are far from crazy. They operate by a kind of logic."

So what’s logical about picking up a copperhead and waving it around your head?

"What’s rational about communion?" asks Dr. Ralph Hood. "Why doesn’t it seem odd to us that people ingest the blood and body of Jesus Christ? Because it’s familiar. Strangeness comes from distance."
Meta, the above article is about your famous Ralph Hood. I think everyone here will agree that he is, in fact, a religious whacko with only half a brain. I care less about his alleged degree. He's a loon. You can call me a troll all you want to avoid seeing the truth, Meta. You need to trash this silly M Scale stuff. It isn't helping you at all.

The guy not only LOOKS like a hillbilly. He's dumber than one.

He's studying the people who handle snakes. He's not there to ridiculing them. I know this is a conceptual challenge to ability o understand, that study means objectively look at it not trying to make them feel bad about who they are.

part of his ridicule is based upon the fact that Hood's a good researcher and can be objective. that's what he's ridiculing him for.

He say "I did my homework." that's what the calls "homework" finding finding reasons to ridicule someone who is a giant in his field.

who else but a troll would consider "homework" to be gather material for mocking someone?

How utterly stupid is that? because Hood is not mocking snake handle he must be "a religious nutzo" (he called him before in the thread. the idea of objective study is totally foreign to him.

here's the article he linked to

city travel reporter. No ta schoolyard article at all. on web site about having fun in the bay area.


Anonymous said...

You can try til you are blue in the face. These stupid atheists will just keep strawmanning and bandying ad hominems about because they aren't really interested in actual research. They're just in it for a show.

Metacrock said...

that is so true. I just their trolling into an object lesson or proof of the nature of the atheist movement.

sptrfn said...

Oh, Atheists. Why?

BTW, I think that all of that "serpent handling" nonsense is a misrepresentation of something in the NT. Where it says that you can handle a serpent, I think that it means that you can defeat Satan and the influence that he has on you.

A serpent is symbolic for Satan, just as the Tree of Life is symbolic for Jesus Christ. Atheists don't understand that. They think that the Bible is literal everywhere, and there is no symbolism at all.

Metacrock said...

yes the snake handlers are wrong no doubt. the point is Hood is not saying O we should all be snake handlers. Just becuase he studies them and says they are not insane doesn't mean he's advocating it.

they are not insane. The atheists always think in all or nothing terms. so if they are not insane they must be right. either you are right or you are insane. To me that's pretty insane itself.

sptrfn said...

I also like how one of those "geniuses" called the M Scale childish. Probably because it goes against their world view.

I like how Atheists use words. On one thing that you had on your Baracades site, you had something from the lovely website The quote said that "God hasn't left any proof of his existence. We all know that".

The final phrase "we all know that" stuck out to me. That is almost a subtle brainwashing tactic to get everyone to buy into their nonsense.

Metacrock said...

that's a very good point. there's a guy on CARM "Holme's" I mopped the floor with him in debate bu he's extreme about it. He comes on saying all Christians are ling and no one really bleieve in God.

When he first go there he would say "now you know you don't believe" he would try to make it seem like he was reading your mind. he really expects Christiana to get confused and go "O I guess I don't."

bob smith said...

If you really want to see atheists lose all sense of logic and reason just mention the shroud of Turin to them. When science and logic goes against their retarded world view they start with the hate, redicule and bullying. Atheism is a mental decease and I truely believe they will find a medical cure for it lol.