Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Atheists Justify Brown Shirt Tactics

After chasing off a guy called Paul by ganging up on him, say ridiculous things and mocking and ridiculing his ideas without listening, they then turn around justify what they did. Basically they are admitting that they are brown shirts, bullies and refuse to think.

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Paul said this in the "Christians: why Christianity?" thread:
I don't exactly understand how omnipotence requires a trinity (in fact, I hold that a trinity is logically impossible, but that's a discussion for another time), or even how omnipotence and triunity are related. Could Paul, or someone else who holds this view, explain their argument for this?

you guys chased Paul off so he's not going to come and explain it. I would like to hear it.


Yes-a grown man was "ganged up on" over an internet forum, and hence had to leave
Humble Thinker (alledges himself to be
a "christian" always blocks with atheists)

The Internet is serious business, ya know? Disembodied words that one voluntarily reads can have that effect on a person.
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It is a bizarre and common practice of Christian forums to censor anything even vaguely disrespectful of their specific dogma.

Telling people it is a good thing that they and their family are going to burn in hell for all eternity for not joining a particular group is still considered polite conversation.


PaulO was pretty good at giving as good as he gets.

Everyone has a different excuse but they all have excuses for bullying, ridiculing and not listening. So they basically admit they are not there to think. If you are an adult it doesn't matter how you are treated. So obviously they making excuses to justify their behavior and their brown shirt thuggish behavior is base upon the need to feel important by bullying others (low atheist self esteem) and the fervor that comes with ideolgoical brain washing. Atheists in general are brained washed lacky of a hate group.

Of course when one fights back they get anger and so "you are so meaning and insulting." they don't laugh that off with the same kind of excuses.


Ignorance said...

Hi there, Meta

Have you heard of the recent kerfuffle on some atheist sites about Bart Ehrmann's recent contribution to the Huffington Post? I was wondering what your thoughts are on that.

Metacrock said...

Have you heard of the recent kerfuffle on some atheist sites about Bart Ehrmann's recent contribution to the Huffington Post? I was wondering what your thoughts are on that.

I know nothing about it. I'll look for it.

Metacrock said...

ok now i read it.


It's great. He's denouncing the Jesus myth movement. I think he overrates their growth. I think they are shrinking. But I totally agree with the things he says about them.

Ignorance said...

Yes, it really upset the mythers. But I'm not too sure about that shrinking part; recently both Pharyngula and Butterflies & Wheels came out in favour of (near) denialism. It seems to become sort of mainstream nowadays in online atheism.

Also, you might like this blg:

Metacrock said...

thanks.I'm going to do a thing on that.

Ignorance said...

Cool. If you need an image for it you might like this one:


If you talk with mythers, it's always interesting how much they resemble Young-Earth Creationists, truthers, birther and more of that ilk.

Metacrock said...