Monday, March 26, 2012

Atheist attack on theology are poisoning the well.


Atheist have always bad mouthed things they are not willing to study. Lately I see a trend whereby they have become vicious in their defense of the right to criticize things they don't know about. One such example is that of Magritte on CARM.

Observing the types of arguments posted by theists on this board, I'd have to say that a great many - if not the preponderance - of "philosophically sophisticated" ones attempt to draw the outlines of God from the negative outline of non-belief or naturalism.

A typical approach is to point out that the nonbeliever has limited knowledge, certainty or justification. Well, I'll enthusiastically agree. I'm fallible, limited, terribly ignorant of a great many things.

But does that warrant a belief that the negative space formed by my ignorance and limitations contains gods, demons, angels and talking snakes? Why not werewolves, ghosts and vampires? Why not a tea kettle floating in space? Merely because those aren't entities anyone has a vested interest in asserting or denying? Does the isolated fact that someone takes the existence of some entity seriously thereby justify taking it seriously?

Is there any other well regarded field of inquiry whose major support consists of pointing out that its critics aren't omniscient?
I say he's damn right my approach is to point out the non believer has limited knowledge. That is a franck admission that that he's whining because he wants to mock and ridicule theology without having to learn about it.

you are damn right it is! because those ignorant wastrals are willing to mock and ridicule beautifully brilliant wonderful ideas that are proved and great and need to be known that these hick fools who know nothing are mocking and ridiculing them.

this is a little gimmick that allows you to spit your venom against things you know nothing about merely because you are too lazy to study it.

Deist says:

This is the main reason you can't rationally discuss things with Christians. You have those who contend they are "Christains" with belief systems from Metacrock to JYB and everything in-between. From nearly a deist God to a God that really did kill an entire population of humans and hates gays. How in Gods world can you deabte these people when they all get to make up their own God, contend their God is the true one, and all of them using choice bible verses to prove their contentions.
you hold certain fallacious ideas that really prevent you from understanding real obvious things. One such fallacy is that one view point means one truth. If you have a discipline that only allows one model that proves that that one model must be true.

The corollary to that is your mistaken notion that science is about a big fortress of facts. you apparently think science is proving everything and building this fortress of facts around your ideology.

(1) Popper shows us that scinece is not a bout proving things. Scinece does not prove it can only disprove.

(2) Kuhn shows us that scinece works by paradigm shifts. Its' non cumulative and when the paradigm shifts the anomalies of the former paradigm become facts that legitimize the new one and the former facts become anomalies. this means there isn o fortress of facts nor can there be.

(3) you do not have a proved scientific fortress of facts proving your world view. you have an ideology that is relative and will be discorded eventually.

that means that your silly denigration of theology is based upon several fallacies that will be overturned and you have no basis to criticize theology. Your only argument merely boils down to "they have a lot of views." So what?

diversity is good thing. since there is no fortress of facts there's no draw back to lots of views.

since you don't study theology you have no idea how diverse it is anyway.

to both I say:

you are not even discussing something you have actually studied. even you though may not have uttered the very words per se you clearly express the idea. don't you dare to worm out! you are defending Ignace and anti-learning.

you are calling names and deriding me for being studious sand schoolyard .l you are to destroy my reputation by mocking and ridiculing books.

theologians write books stupid little scientists write equation that mean nothing.

you don't know **** about theology you have not studied it.l YOU HAVE NOT THE RIGHT OT CRITICIZE THEOLOGY YOU DON'T CRAP ABOUT IT!!!

They also introduce the fallacy of "this can be used to prove anything." They make this charge of theology. Anything can be used to prove anything if you are willing to use it wrong. I think this is a version of black is white slide. Just because something can be abused and thus used to defend "anything," that doesn't make it wrong. If theology is used properly it can't prove UFO's or whatever. That charge is also begging the question because some of the things that it might prove are only "disproved" in the mind of the atheist.

What this all boils down to is they are poisoning the well. They can't answer theology because they don't know anything about it. So they are trying to eliminate ethology as an answer for the Christian without having to know anything about it.


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