Sunday, February 19, 2012

Atheists Can Be Peranoid

The hate group aspect of atheism is obvious. All we have to do is look at how they treat people. Here they accuse me of maknig hate speech statements because I say they have no data for their anecdotal attack on Christian Character.

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atheists accuse me of hate speech.
N manning says:

Is this hate speech:

(Meta)"That's why I don't bother with God arguments anymore. I went on the kick about realization. That wasn't concrete enough to shut them up. I think atheists have a hugely irrational standard of what they would accept as proof. they don't want proof and they are not going to accept the facts."

I think so.

when I say that the assertion that Chrsitians evade responsibility for their actions has no data to back it up they allege this is hate speech.

Decypher says:

"Must be more hate speech!! And from a Christian!! Even the Christians hate the Christians now... Wow! Metacrock, things are even worse than you think!"
So far this is not very reasonable. they are talking ordinary arguments as hate speech for no real reason other than that I said them. Here's definitions of hate speech.

Definitions of hate speech


"Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racial, ethnic and religious groups and other discrete minorities or to women."

"Legal Definitions are provided for public use and knowledge. If you don't find a definition you need, please request it.

US Legal, Inc Provides legal information in the form of Question & Answers, Definitions, Articles, Blogs and Reporting on various subjects in the United States legal field. You can also find an attorney or buy legal forms for Pro Se representation. US Legal seeks to simplify and break down the barriers to legal information."


hate speech
Bigoted speech attacking or disparaging a social or ethnic group or a member of such a group.

religion is specifically included in the targets for hate. hate speech can be dieted at religious people about their religion.

what is the point of saying that the whole Christian religion is based upon avoiding responsibility?


But do Christians have a whole religion based around them avoiding responsibility? Don't Christians want to "use Jesus" to get out of responsibility for their actions?

he doesn't use any stats, he doesn't have an data to base it on. It's his pinon based upon anecdotes, and he thinks this is not going to incite anger?

I find it extremely offensive an insulting it's a damned lie. Atheists have contracted an elaborate set of moral excuses to keep themselves from having to admit they are guilty of anything.

this is just an observation based upon looking at atheist arguments. every single one of them tries to deny the basis of sin or hurting someone or being wrong or having to make up for a wrong.

does any atheist on this board ever propose an ethical system where one must be sorry for what one has done and try to make up for it?

nothing is more bigoted than saying "all of this group is like this" despite having no evidence to back it up.

I added:

what we need to do is stop stereotyping each other and use research to valid constructive criticisms.

they went on to define this as more hate speech!


Drop the back-handed 'compliment' schtick along with the childish and uncalled-for false accusations, and you may be onto something.
what backhanded complement? to have a backhanded complement one must make the appearance of a complement. I sure can't see where I did that.

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