Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spiritual Truth is not A Democratic Proposition

this is short but I think it's an important point. I am always running up against the atheist answer to anything I argue that "but the majority of Christians don't see it that way."

This has happened many times in many forms but most of the time it's in connection with the concept of God. The atheist says in trying to summarize Christian belief: "There exists a superhuman agency which many people refer to as God, the LORD, etc. that is, at the very least, extraordinarily powerful, wise, and loving." I say Christian belief has never been about believing that God is a big man in the sky. They will say "O but I was a Christian growing up and that was my conception." Or "the majority of Christians believe this."

Do you realize how many times atheist worm their way out of issues by saying "the majority of Christians don't see it that way." Like for example in the thread about a septic tries to explain Christianity. He quotes a straw man version that assumes God is a big man in the sky.

I say there are tons of major Christian thinkers who don't see it that way, they go "but the majority of Christians do."

what they are saying is like saying if you poll all the illiterate peasants who believe in Christianity there are more of them then then there are graduates of Notre Dame and Oxford, so if the illiterate peasants believe in some superstition then Christianity is based upon that superstition even though Jesus didn't teach it, the chruch hierarchy teaches against it and no theologian accepts it.

Is what we are doing here seeking truth or ragging on Christianity? If it means so much to you to be able to say "Christianity is stupid" regardless of what it's major thinkers say, then ok Christianity is stupid, that's because you are limiting it to illiterate peasants.

That would be like saying the majority of math students all over the world think that kind of math HRG does is stupid. That's becuase we polled students from first grade up and there are a lot more grade school kids than than graduate students.

Higher math is really stupid. you say "but that's not what the professors of math say" I say "but that's what the majority of people studying math say." of course the majority of people studying math are between six and twelve years of age.

Spiritual truth is not a democratic proposition. you have got to stop this game of dismissing ideas just because you can find the majority of illiterate peasants don't know them.

If you are not willing to attack a tradition at it's strong links, where its major thinkers do their work, then you are just being cowardly. If it means more to you to be able to say "Christianity is stupid" than it does to say "belief in God is true/false" then there's no point in doing this.

anything can be made stupid if you limit your understanding of it to it's intellectually weakest members.


billwalker said...

You can convert me in a flash, Metacrock. Show me a person who has regrown a limb. Hell, I'll settle for a hand. Not a medical marvel of a hand being successfully reattached. ( I don't any Lourdes crap. Just a before & after picture. And don't simply switch pictures.

Metacrock said...

why is an exterior limb so important? I've given the example of charles anne's lungs. grew back over night from the ravages of a kind fo TB to be perfectly knew. It was over night, proved by Xrays and I've talked to a doctor who has seen the xrays.

Loren said...

Metacrock, an omnimax entity could easily give me 20/20 vision. Yet that alleged God acts like It has something to hide. For that and oodles of other reasons, I will continue to believe that the Universe is fundamentally impersonal and fundamentally unconcerned with us.

Metacrock said...

Loren you seem bright enough to understand this so I'll try to make it clear agian. could you read it this time? you are not getting it becasue you don't read the martial.

God is not "an entity." he's not a big man in the sky. God is being itself. The eternal necessary aspect of being.

We have to be put into a real world which is neutral in appearance so that we can seek the truth and develop spiritually rather than having it all handed to us.

Since God is not a big man he doesn't reason like man.

understand now?

Metacrock said...

I showed you or at least told you about a guy who grew back lungs over night. I Walker converted? He said he would be. He's going to hold out for an external limb. why does that make sense?