Saturday, November 26, 2011

quick glance at carm

Here's an honest appeal I made on carm to the atheists to actually discuss ideas rather than try to insult personal wounds on individuals. How will these "free thinkers" respond? First I pointed out a local contradiction. Then I though in an appeal to reason.

I see a thread that says "God is losing on CARM" the idea behind it is that the arguments the atheists have are better they win the arguments.

Several people in worming out of debating me have said "debate is no good, it doesn't prove anything."

the kind of argument we have that the first comment refers to is not as systemic or rule governed thus not as orderly or valid as a formal debate. So if winning those arguments means that atheism is winning that would mean that debate would be an even better way to know truth.

debate is better because you have to be a gentleman and not insult and not get off on tangents.

If the first statement is true (atheists winning) then the second statement (debate is no good) can't be true. this is a contradiction.

In reality it's my feeling that it's sophomoric to worry about who is "winning." We should not be seeking to show "i am smarter" but merely to find truth.

I am truly not seeking to just beat up on people to show how smart I am. Yes it's a habit I've gotten into through the need to defend myself. Yet it's a bad habit and one I'm trying to break.

I would rather discuss and learn than to "win." I suggest that worrying about who wins is sophomoric.

I want discussion not competition. I assume I can learn form anyone.

If one is really intelligent one will learn form any and all encounters with other humans.


Your persecution complex is far beyond ridiculous.

Debate WITH accompanying evidence is how we decide court rulings. It is good enough for our justice system, it is good enough for us all.

Gentlemen don't repeatedly infer that the other person is silly either.

As I stated above, debate with accompanying evidence is sufficient. So if the debate your debaters were referring to in your op was lacking in said evidence, then that debate was likely "no good".

You are only average in intelligence Meta - you are just experienced at your form of debate, giving you the self-delusion of above average intelligence.


gentle don't' deflect the augment form reaosn to belittle individuals every chance they get. Gentlemen don't pu up websites saying "people who agree with me have IQ's than those who don't." Gentlemen don't mock and ridicule the sacred beliefs of others just because they disagree with them.

gentlemen don't substitute lies and innuendo for study methodology. they don't pretend to know all about a whole body of academic work when they have no read a single study in that body of work.

Not a single one of you has ever made a single ethological analysis of any study.

My IQ is 142. that's not average. You have no knowledge of me. you dot' know who I am or who my family is. you have no knowledge of my history. you are totally wrong about that. your judgment is based entirely upon your need to bleieve that you are smarter than religious people because you hate yourself and you hate god for making you as you are.

why you would think that my op which open and honest an invitation to friendship and discussion needs to met with ridicule and abasement and putting down is just so telling. you are the epitome everything I'm denouncing aren't' you?

you don't want discussion you don't want friendship you need desperately to prove that you are smarter than religious people.


Imagine how many case of carpel tunnel syndrome the Christian God could prevent by coming down from the sky once a year to visit his earthling children so that atheists and Christians would not have to type for hours on end debating his existence. The Christian God obviously does not care about carpel tunnel syndrome which proves he does not love us.

what does this tell us students? they immediately go for the jugular and attack the person rather than answering the contraction.

they have this grappling contradiction there but instead of answering it they go "you are not good. yo ear a no goodnkci,k you are bad, we don't like you." that's not an answer is it?

they can't answer it.

being an atheist is not about thinking or reasoning it's about hate.

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