Saturday, August 21, 2010

Atheism, the pack of duderheads.

It's really getting worse. I've been off carm for a few weeks now, in looking over the pages today i'm horrified. They've gotten to a point where they are not even pretending of have discussions. they are ganging on their own stupidity. This know nothing ignorance, the pride in ignorance of God talk that Dawkins started has festered from infection to a point that they can't even hold a decent discussion.

One guy can't stand talk about "the heart." he confuses the notion of "heart" with the cordio-pulmonary pump in the chest and pretends that he cant' think clearly or extrapolate enough to understand the concept of "heart" as  a center of consciousness involving volition, will and desire. This makes for a real communication problem when he's confronted by people who either are stuck in strand Christian cloches or who think that such phrases really communicate deeply and powerfully to the emotions (which they probably did at one time--before society was dubbed down). So they just wind up mocking and ridiculing Christians because of their phenomenology rather tan actually conditioning what they say.

As long as Christians are willing to go on message boards and allow themselves to be mocked and ridiculed this is going to happen. These vermin have not the slightest idea of a rational discussion. They are like the foolish prices of shit on those exaggerated troll board that occasionally drop by here, such as "read it" their only aim is to feel big by making others feel small. They don't care any more about serious ideas than the man in the moon. The hate group atheism that's taken over message boards is no more about disusing the existence of God than George of the jungle was about Tarzan. Their one and only aim si to mock and ridicule and that's what really gives them a charge and they just don't care about anything else.

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