Tuesday, November 3, 2009

an example of the thug hate group impulse

here are three posts responding to the same single post of mine.

here is my post

There simply was NO sacrifice being that Jesus was god and knew he was, and knew heaven awaited. If anything, it was suicide by Romans. The entire premise of Christianity is a ruse as no sacrafice occurred. If Jesus KNEW he was a mere MAN, you could make that claim. But, all of you are assured he was the son of god, and god hium,self, so the whole sacrifice thing is an invalid argument.
Meta:what a lot of hateful garbage. you are so ignorant. you wouldn't' know a valid argument if it bit you.
you didn't back that up with any info you just said it as an ignorant little opinion with no back up at all.

you seem to think that if you just voice you known nothing opinion really loud and insisit that you are right then you are.

his three posts to this same deal:

Prove me wrong then, MegaThug

he's not satisfied with that because it's not come back enough so he does this:

Mega, you need some intervention. One weekend and a few follow ups to get your mind right is normal. For you, triple that dosage. Then again, you appear to be beyond hope. They may not want the challenge
No substance but personally biting.

not enoguh so then this:

MegaThug, for your pea brain, I cut and pasted a post of mine on another thread. This may be difficult for your pea brain to comprehend. But, read it slow.

"Are you really SERIOUS with using bible quotes to contend Jesus suffered more than a normal human would have on that same cross? Your statements are all made up flowery sayings by believers. "Christ bore our punishment..." This is nonsense. He was simply hung on a cross, like many others were.

Christians have merely idolized this crucifixion into what they want it to mean to them. Besides, as you believe Jesus was god, this was simply suicide by Romans so he could get back to heaven more quickly. Finally, if all of this was pre-planned, which many think it was, it was a done deal, and the Romans were mere pawns in gods grand scheme. There is NO suffering, I tell you...NONE, ZIP, NADA, if you know you're going to heaven when you die.

Many of you seem to have difficulty grasping simple logic, and I am forced to repeat myself. All this nonsense of suffering and carrying the weight of someone sins are just words on paper. All made up well after the events took place, might I add. Just mind games and word games to give christians hope. I'm seriously baffled by it all. How christians will take a rather ordinary crucifixion that was no more gruesome than heinous murders before and after, and make it into this big SUFFERING and DYING for everyone's sin ruse. If you want to lay that guilt trip on yourself, go ahead. But, IMHO, its preposterous, and not even born out by the event itself."
no responses from me in between the had to keep coming back and saying more. Until this one he's just openly ridiculing my personal characteristics whch he doesn't know.

He talks like he was there at the cross.He doesn't know that Jesus didn't' have pain. He sure seems to in the Gospels. how does he know that? he doesn't' quote anything he doesn't have any fact. what dos he know anyway?

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HangEleven said...

I think it wasn't so much the gruesome death he died but the fact that he was the "Son of God" dying the death of a common murderer. Enduring the shame of being forsaken by god and man and yadda yadda... 3 days in hell if you believe church history and I guess any argument over the crucifiction would have to be based on chruch history. I think the real argument should be why Jesus was deified in the first place wasn't it just by a vote that made him a god and not a human. Council of Nicae or something.
Hope you find time to answer this.