Monday, April 13, 2009

Dave Ellis Begining to Look like an Idiot.

David B. Ellis said...

You're free to believe that.

Have you ever tried to get one of these essays published in any sort of philosophy journal?

I suspect that anyone reviewing your work for publication in any journal of philosophy of even modest standards would have much the same reaction I have.
April 10, 2009 1:17 PM
J.L. Hinman said...

see this journal?


wh0 is the publisher?

Editorial Staff

J.L. Hinman — Publisher

Tim Wood — Managing Editor

Ray Hinman — Poetry Editor

Jim Bratone — Special Editor

Lantz Miller — Book review Editor

Fran Carris — Copy Editor

Patricia Miklos — Copy Editor

Roger Thompson — Proofing

why would academics associate with a publication like that I'm such an idiot and my articles are so stupid?

here's the editorial board. you can see this on the website but just to make sure you look at it.

Editorial Board

Alex Argyros — Literary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas

William S. Babcock — Director, Graduate Program in Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University

Charles R. Bombach — History of Ideas, University of Texas at Dallas

David Channell — History of Ideas and — Philosophy of Science, University of Texas at Dallas

William Gibson — Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Susan Heckman — Dean of Graduate Program in Humanities, University of Texas at Arlington

Frederick Hotz — Philosophy, Collin County Community College

Lorraine Kahn — Formerly Visiting Scholar in Film, Institute of Industrial Relations, The University of California at Berkeley

Barry Katz — Formerly Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University

Marcia Landy — Department of English, University of Pittsburgh

Kevin Mattson — Ohio University; formerly, Rutgers University

Greg Miller — Communications, San Diego State University

James O’Connor — Professor of Economics, The University of California at Santa Cruz

Jim Perkinson — Historical Theology, University of Detroit

Brian Spitzberg — Communication, San Diego State University

Trudy Struenegle — Kent State University

Theodore Walker — Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Victor Worsfold — Ethics, University of Texas at Dallas

You will find articles by me in there. Now that's not big deal since I"m the publisher. Even though it was blind submitted and they actually did turn me down on one and I didn't publish it. I don't expect you to believe that.

but ask yourself, why would they risk ruining their careers by publishing in a journal ran be me if I 'm so stupid and no one likes my stuff? why would they do that?

I'm sure that you don't a big name from a hole in the ground but several of those people were big names in their fields.

Now what do academics think of my book? Ralph Hood the major guy who researchers religious experinces, has read the book, the book is about the personal experience studies and thinks said "It's good." He said "I will help you find a publisher." Why would he say that if the thinks I"m stupid?

why would he stick around and help through all the chapters if thought it was stupid?

Alex Argyrox who studied wtih Derrida once said that one of my papers was "the finest paper I've ever seen." I told him the TS argument he said it was brilliant.

why is it so hard for you little ego to come to terms with the fact that you are not smart not well educated. you don't as much as me and your not amazingly brilliant like you think you are and you are real narrow minded?
April 10, 2009 1:41 PM
David B. Ellis said...


Let me get this straight. I ask you if any credible philosophy journal would publish any of these shoddily written, rambling essays on arguments for theism and, instead, you point me to the fact that the only way for you to get anything published in a journal is to create your own?

That's supposed to establish your credibility?

Again, I invite you to submit one of your theistic argument essays to a credible philosophy journal.

I think we both know it would be rejected.
April 13, 2009 9:21 AM

I think you are asshole. First of all, you totally ignore the fact that I was fucking publisher and these other academics singed on and published in it and were assocaited with it. that tells me you don't know from shinola about acadmeic anything. You don't know what hard it is to get published because you are a little coward and never tried. You are a little uneducated coward who has never been to college and didn't try.

show me me the journals you got published little genus when you did you win your nobel prize?

Whining little cry baby has been exposed as the ignorant know nothing that he is. He can' stand it so now it's time to turn to mocking an insults. why don't you email some of those guys I named on there and ask them if they think I'm an idiot. why don't you dod that coward. Cowardly custard.

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