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The Mocking Atheist

The Cancer Prayer

This is from the so called "Thinking Atheist" blog

Jan 9, 2016 at 9:15 AM
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Quoting their blog:

I was sent a Facebook meme from a page called, "Stop Cancer. Start Praying." The page is filled with hopeful (yet sadly vacuous) platitudes like, "Sorry cancer, GOD is bigger than you!"  "Dear God, Heal all those fighting cancer.  Amen!"  And this one:

cancer prayer

Holding up a hand of doubt or challenge in these difficult scenarios is front-loaded to make the challenger sound like an asshole.  After all, who could ever say an untoward thing about prayer when so many desperate and grieving people are leaning upon it in their darkest hours?  What kind of heartless, wicked person would trod upon the pleas of the heartbroken?

He talks like they designed their pagevwith him in mind. Of course the only thin he has in place in place of hope is the cold comfort that they are not suckers for a religious curse that's not coming so they can die with whatever what passes for dignity in the atheist mind.
But these prayers happen in desperate, difficult times.  Must we only explore the validity of our words and actions in the best of days?  Does struggle and desperation license us to ignore the hard questions and isolate ourselves inside potential falsehoods for comfort's sake?  Are we only concerned about truth when we're conflict-free?
In my mind, I've determined that I'd rather know a hard truth than a happy fantasy, and we've all heard the stories of those who have eschewed real-world solutions for supernatural ones and often paid with their lives.  They cancel the chemo and claim divine favor.  They toss their medications at the church altar.  They embrace the promises of charlatans with an offering plate.  And, at times, tragically, they're so busy looking at the empty sky that they miss opportunities right in front of them.

I am so happy that he has this settled in his mind because he knows best. Who are they to seek healing when the all knowing one is there to tell them to stop? This is what we call "rationalization." In this case it means my whims are more important than yours and here's my excuse to justify it.

 Even those pursuing science-based solutions are often huddled in the prayer circles between doctor consultations, and exploring the sense and effectiveness of those prayers has merit.
 Of course he thinks science an God are enemies. That shows no understanding of either science or God.
I responded to the post, and I'm sure I'll be the target of indignation by those who consider "God is bigger than cancer!" a suitable treatment program.  But perhaps it will provide a rallying point for productive discussion on the merits of asking for our physical ailments to be healed by a divine and magic wand....
 What a martyr.
I take no joy in this conversation amidst the prayers and pain experienced by so many good people, but we should...we must...look at these prayers honestly to determine what they really mean.

It couldn't be that they don't want to die could it? No that's too easy. I know it must mean they are fools and suckers and they need him to tell them how to behave properly when they dying so they they don't burden him with guilt for betraying God.

* God holds the global cure for cancer. He does not use it.

* God holds the individual cure for cancer. He does not use it. Or if he does, he cleverly disguises it as a human construct.

* Even if healing prayers worked, it would mean that God was holding the cure hostage until he felt the adequate number of petitions had been offered up. He's content to watch a baby suffer with cancer, because it's more important that he hear the parents beg.
Of course it's God's fault and so he has cart blanch to mock their sickness all he wants because he's just highlighting for them what a bastard God is not to heal them and not to exist! It would never occur to him to read some philosophers or theologians to get answers to theodicy. So I'll have to provide the link to my article:  [1]
* God's Will is unmovable, unchangeable, a foregone conclusion, which means that he must wish that the boy have cancer, and that all petitions and prayers are being heard by someone who has already made up his mind about what his will shall be. Essentially, humans are asking God to alter his predetermined plan.
Of course he's such an expert on God's Will.
 God, in this context, isn't a hero. If he exists in the all-powerful, truly god-like sense, and if he sits silently while a precious, innocent child suffers in an arena where suffering is declared self-imposed ("We're all born sinners." "It's a fallen world." "Pain in this life, bliss in the next." Etc), this isn't a "loving Father" I'd want anything to do with.  I disagree with the nonsensical notion that, the less we see and hear, the more God is doing.
I wonder if he would admit God was the ?hero" if God healed him. Of course he's taking the father metaphor literally and he's treating  God like the big guy in sky. He hasn't read my theodicy yet so he has no argument. If he does read it he can't answer it.
Prayer. It's understandable why so many reach out (and up) in times of desperation. And if some wish to pray as they navigate through their treatments, I certainly wouldn't begrudge them that. But if we are to look at the scenario with an objective eye, we have to ask some uncomfortable yet important questions about prayer.
The point is what? makes no one has faith so you want have to feel guilty. Now we move to the enlightened comment section.

    Very well said. As a child growing up in church, I lost track of how many sick people we prayed for and how many either (1) died or stayed sick, or (2) recovered on their own or had medical help to fix them, and no matter what happened, God was the hero.
    [see now this guy know what he's talking about. They really need to listen to that guy]]

      I almost lost it about an hour ago when a colleague of mine asked me to cover her clients for a couple of hours next week - driving 45 minutes each way to the office - so she could go to an "angel reading". WHAAAAATTTTT???

      [I have to admit that is kind of wired I don't even know what that is

      Oh Seth God LOVES you ssooooooo much, "Mr." Andrews btu your just so sinnical!!! PRAY and GOD will answer even if sometimes the answer is "Eat shit and die, humans!" I PRAY for yuo "Mr." Seth. GOD iS GRAETER then CANCER!!!!! Bless you "Mr." Andreson.

      [remember how the guy at the top said te page was designed to make them look like assholes? it worked ]

        • why does it hurt you so deeply that others have faith when you don''t you don't want faith why does it anger you so that others do? why does atheism breed narrow minded stupid people?

            [this guy really knows what he's talking about]

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                • "Most people would never apply the standard of "faith" to anything in their lives besides religion. As Seth rather eloquently points out here, "persons of faith" often see the hand of God or the supernatural no matter *what* happens — all without a shred of evidence
                • ;Contradiction. If they would never apply faith to anything outside religion, you seem to say that as a criticism then you can't criticize them for seeing the SN in everything, Which is it?

              • "
                And when someone is willing to believe something without the kind of evidence they would require to believe virtually anything else, it makes me nervous. Surely you see that Islamic terrorists *fervently* believe in the rightness of their cause ... without evidence."

                 I question your credentials for setting standards on evidence.
                (2) you don't what they have experienced. most charismatics have healing experiences but you would never admit it couldn't;'t be explained was want crap.
                3) here is an article from a journal medical history, on Lourdes says the healimgs can't be explained let's see uyou cope with thiat evidence.[2]
              "And if you would, please tell me how *I* can objectively distinguish between what *you* — or some murderous jihadist — calls "God" and something that you are only imagining?"

              • you could start by leaning some logic and a good place to start would be the stuidy of the fallacy called "guilt by association"
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